Joe Woods: “We have to perform better” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kyle Hunter

He’s all talk. he won’t change a thing. #fireJoewoods

Ge Mail

Perform Well

No Excuses .. Not One


Does any player on defense really know what the hell they’re doing.. let him play !! They need all the help they can get !! Scheme is right .. and yours is garbage

Nick Morgan

Woods sounds like a guy walking the green mile

Ernest Baddger

He Better Change Something, Or You Won’t See Him, Next Week, Mix It Up, Blitz Sometimes, Stop That Zone 3&4 Crap, More Man

Nicole D

Good God. He even sounds clueless in his press conferences.

Joel Temple

He has no fire or life in this defense and that is what we need to fix it. Was at the game last week, after EVERY SERIES on D he would go to the water cooler, grab the tablet, and crouch down. Also the DBs coach came to the bench in the 3rd quarter and JJIII was facing the other way, Delpit and Newsome looked at the ground, and greedy/ward were on the other side of the bench paying no attention. What is that crap?? Get some fire!!!!!!! Why is Tony Fields not playing when guys can’t so their job? Konashik? What abaout putting bell in for delpit???? Get it together


Us getting Deshawn Watson was also us sudo punning on this season. The defense got the memo loud and clear

Cody Brooks

Same bullshit every week literally

Q Horton

He sounds as baffled as we do lmao good luck Joe! Who knows wtf is really going on in Cleveland

Blaine Turner

people in comments not paying attention. and you can go an watch it on you tube. it’s not coaching, it’s instincts, guys hitting the wrong gaps, making the wrong reads. it’s not coaching. it’s skill and instincts and that’s why Joe woods is still coaching.


The commitment was huge for him. Old dog does not do new tricks. Find someone else.

Mike B

The amount of busted plays this year on defense has been disgusting to see Delpit miss multiple tackles due to not wrapping up to see receivers running wide open in zones where a defender should be. There’s no excuses we need to find defenders with higher IQ. When we need a stop we can’t trust they’ll get one same thing with putting the ball in Brissets hands when it count you can expect a interception dude clutch gene is non existent. Bring on Watson a real QB who can keep the defense from being relied on 🤦🏾‍♂️. I think I’m done watching until week 11.

Paul Caloumenos

The Browns defense is the other teams offense. I really think the defense is camera shy, nobody is around when passing and running. Nobody in the picture, physically and mentally!!!

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