Joe Schobert on defensive adversity this season: A lot of guys have stepped up | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Its so much happening, i don’t know who to believe, but for now im believing the teams word over the media. Who knows the Browns could finally be clicking but the media is trying to sabotage us and thats why the energy sucks.

    Stomping Peak

    The media is used to nothing but losing so they don’t know how to act when we win. They have built their careers on negative headlines so that’s what they will fish for. If we were 9-4 the media would still be acting the same way.


It would be hard not to like this guy.

Timothy Martin

A great guy and he knows how to talk and what to say

A Traversable Philosophy

If the Browns Had 11 Joe Schobert’s on D We would have given up 3 points all year .


Sho should get defensive player of the year the last 3 years jus been balling out most definitely slept on and dont get as much credit #gobrowns

    merrick dicarolis

    not last year he led the nfl in missed takls but every MVP can have a rough year lol


    @merrick dicarolis yeah facts you right he still had a high amount of tackles tho jus had to tighten up his game

3rd Eye Funk Nation

K9’em… sniff’em out & take’em down.

Sean Perkins

SchoTime baby let’s go 1-0 this week

Mike Muffler

It was the Bengals.
Stay humble fan mates.

~ I’m just a Browns fan who stands on a bridge after games on Sundays.

    Stomping Peak

    The Bengals have Andy Dalton now. Their offense isn’t the travesty it’s been most of the season so they can actually be dangerous

    Mike Muffler

    @Stomping Peak Bengals have no offensive line..worse than ours. etc..

chad coy

why is todays cbd video private?


Pay this man

abdul smith

When you need Damage control call SHOBERT! Pat this man, him and Mack Willson the most consistent!!!!

Nate Blair

Mary k is obsessed with obj good lord

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