Joe Judge on Kadarius Toney: ‘We’re very excited about adding him to our team’ | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Joe Judge on Kadarius Toney: ‘We’re very excited about adding him to our team’ | New York Giants

Head coach Joe Judge spoke to the media Thursday night and shared his excitement about the selection of Florida wide receiver Kadarius Toney.

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New York Giants

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    Jeffrey Abbey


    Bryan Yearwood

    You guys did a damn good job hiring Judge.


Go Giants! Love the pick!


So much potential as a player! LOVED the trade down and I felt like the pick was really solid! Go G-Men! Great move for the future and to enhance this offense!

Brent Plays Madden

Great job today Giants!


Toney brings in great versatility to be a distraction for Golladay and Saquon. Hes got great upside potential. Getting this kid and 1st from Chicago is a W.

    Joryll Robinson

    @Forker0207 oh I don’t think so. I love Shepard tho but I don’t see him here for very long


    @Joryll Robinson yeah I think he’s a good receiver but hasn’t put up great numbers and is consistently hurt. That’s why we got Golladay and Shepard will move on eventually

    Edgar Ramirez

    @Forker0207 might be top 5 the way the bears schedule looks. Geeze that thing is brutal…..

    Ben Harrison

    I just realised as someone has said we have Saquon, Golladay, Shepherd, Slayton, Shepherd and Engram (when he can actually catch) and now we have Toney. A true dual threat in Daniel Jones, and a stout defence, Joe Judge as a coach, I swear on paper it’s arguable the best offense in the NFL.


    And we also got a future first round pick for next year ! The bears is going to have a rebuild year so we definitely secured a top ten pick

Scruff D0g

His tape vs Alabama is very good. He mainly lined up in the slot, but took handoffs in the backfield, he is a versatile weapon.


    Shoutout Bengal

    robert kelly

    Also could be a return guy

    Short stuff

    he burned out surtan


    Qb in high school…. trick plays coming🤝


    @robert kelly That is what no one talks about

luc rative

I swear as that reporter was asking the first question I answered it in my head the same way joe judge answered it. He truly does represent us.


When you walk into the house of Saquan & Kadarius, you better check your ankles at the door 💯


    better give them to snoopy before you get on that field

    Brian Maphar

    tape up or “Ice up Son”


    He does cut like Saquon

Taga Cale


Alex Gordon

joe judge an absolute legend

Gary C

why can’t joe judge say we’re going to run up the score on philly this year?

    G Money Slot Machine Videos

    He’d rather have us show it on the field instead of just saying it

    Edgar Ramirez

    @G Money Slot Machine Videos and that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

    Limmie Snoddy

    He’s much too Classy to be Petty

Nick Webster

Joe Judge absolutely despises the Eagles and I LOVE IT!

    C Mack

    Nick Webster: Yeah probably as Giants coach. But he actually grew up an Eagles fan hating the Giants. And when he first took the photo with ownership holding the Giants helmet, you could tell he looked uncomfortable. But I truly believe he’s a Giants fan now as the New York Giants head coach and was happy to see his wife and kids with Giants jerseys on at one of the games last year.


    The Eagles are his ex wife, you know he wants the crush them 😉

    Kushaal Vennamaneni

    @C Mack i love judge great coach

Rocco Gallucci

When Joe Judge talks it makes me feel so much better


    @You Ripped My Shirt Sshhiiddd…could’ve taken a water boy and I’d still be on board! Go Giants!

    ryan cole

    Reminds me of a Mike Tomlin type. Very down to business but seems like he’s a player’s coach at the end of the day

    You Ripped My Shirt

    @MrJohnySoul lol Bobby Bouche



    Michael Torres

    Same dude

J. Ronald

Judge is just a fkn great head coach. Kills every media session. Players respect him. Upper management respects him. Players say hes a really good teacher, and motivater. What a hire.

    thunder god91

    @Edgar Ramirez that is correct… also the better the defense the less time the o has to be on the field

    thunder god91

    @Edgar Ramirez did you play ball ?

    Edgar Ramirez

    @thunder god91 no I played football till I was 21 but not basketball

    thunder god91

    @Edgar Ramirez do you live in sommerville?

    Tony Pen

    I love the way Judge runs this team, lol.
    Nah but seriously he’s saved management and ownership. The best move they’ve done in the past decade probably.

BL 3472

Judge is the ultimate leader. Glad we have him as our head coach! Building back a culture into this organization 🔵🔴

    Limmie Snoddy

    Got that NY Knicks feel


    @Limmie Snoddy Agreed…kind’ve like a “the future looks bright” feeling with both franchises!

    Danial Mahmood

    @Limmie Snoddy thibs and judge are rebuilding franchises


Joe Judge could read the dictionary and I’d be excited and motivated by it lol

Robert Romeo

I wouldn’t take any coach not named belichick over this guy right now

ThatOneGuy 123

Judge and Thibs in the Big Apple New York we lit!🔥🔥🟠🔵🔴


    Darn Right!

Tony Bravado

Toney’s up is INCREDIBLE!! It really is. That’s where great coaching comes in. That’s why Alabama’s receivers were so good. Great talent with great coaching.


Joe Judge is our Tom Thibodeau, gotta love this guy!

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