Jimmy Smith Expressed Optimism About Staying in Baltimore | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dark Magician

Come back Jimmy💯

Lion Thomas

#22 if you stay you could say you were one of Few…..


I like Jimmy more and more the older he gets!

Julian Shipp Jr

We better keep him

Alfie The doggo

UNPOPULAR OPINION: we should release tony jeff and Brandon carr

Edit: we get 20 million extra cap space

    NoSwiss AllCheddar

    Jefferson yes Brandon Carr no

    NoSwiss AllCheddar

    @BIRDMAN 813 Anthony Averett was key contributor on special teams

    mr coolc

    @BigDwarf the Bengals and the Browns of course 😁😁

    Shinoobi God

    Brandon carr is a great veteran. He helped the young corner backs get better through his tenure with us. He earned the right to stay if he wants to

    Alfie The doggo

    We get 20 million extra cap space

Oui Bay

Jimmy gives us the depth and talent to makeup for the deficiencies of the front seven.


Yes! Re-sign Jimmy, if it doesn’t impede on the chances of drastically improving our pass rush. Carr would have to go. But, three CBs that would be no. 1 corners on abt half of the league’s rosters?

    William Demby

    And Tavon young coming back.

The Spiritual SmartAss

We can’t pay him like we have these past few years but man that’d be cool if we can retain him on a cap friendly deal. While Jimmy is an excellent corner 15mil is a lot for his injury history and being a luxury at this point.


Take the minimum Jimmy! It’s about legacy at this point of your career. Fair trade for all them games you missed.

king shark

Jimmy, … this is definitely all on you,
1. Do you test the market and get inked to a pay day elsewhere
2. Do you test the market, and they know your injuries and game availability history and get your feelings hurt.
3. Do you take a picket pocketing deal and stay and be the glue of the back end of the raven no fly zone, that you truly are.

I say
4. Take a solid 1 to 2yr contract and ball out to a last woooraah deal wherever.
Jimmy smith 1yr 9mill and see if his health and availability can parlay into something better.

Jimmy, the league gotcha file, they know you not a full season dude. Think wise on this one.

Eric Johnson

Jimmy will be back!

Bodymore Dummy

Lets keep him he going be a Raven forever last member on Defense from our last super bowl team he’s as solid as they come when on the field

javi sanchez

Pay jud and get clowny . Stop playing . We have to go all in now.

Austin Korb

Ravrens draft JK Dobbins I know we have Mark Ingram but who will we have when he retires he is starting to get old for a powerback.

GamingBros XL

I’m ok with keeping jimmy if he takes a friendly deal. He was near the top of our highest paid list but he is no longer the number 1. He’s number 3 but he is great depth to the secondary. Tavon Young also going to come back and this secondary will be stacked. Just gotta keep Judon and add one more guy that can be the difference maker.

Aye Bob

Go feed your family bro no love will be loss go get the bag you worth love to see you stay in bmore madden was crazy this year cover 1 man press guess pass smh y’all boys locked everything up

A_Train W

What I love about Jimmy is he keeps off social media

    BiBi's Taint

    It’s crazy to think back into the draft he came from and how he slipped to us so late cuz everyone in the NFL was questioning his character and labeling him as a liability off the field! He’s been the ultimate professional and perfect teammate and locker room guy since day one!

    A_Train W

    @BiBi’s Taint that’s why I love the man as a player yes unfortunately he did get hurt lots but doesn’t change the fact he’s always been a great person and player

Jordan Helton

Idk why so many “fans” hate on jimmy. He’s been a rock in our defense and is a Raven legend. No need to toss him to the curb or let him walk like we did Ed

El - Amin

Jimmy is undoubtedly one of my favorite Ravens of all time. Deserves to be a Raven ” only” lifer like Ray and J.O. and heck, even Chris McAliater was a Raven only lifer; C-Mac was vastly underrated and hope all is well with him…get him in the Ring Of Honor, too…

Will Rich

Jimmy should stay to keep the secondary strong draft a ILB , edge rusher , or safety

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