Jim Schwartz & Mike Groh Discuss the Dallas Matchup | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kevin Bello

Fire Jim And Mike NOW

kitdacraze deadbydaylight

You better do a good job against Dallas
We counting on you

David Bobb

There is absolutely NOTHING that Jim Schwartz can say that will make me believe he is a good Coach. He is HORRIBLE. I realize the players are on the field, but there’s something to be said about the situations they are put in and the defensive schemes they call. They missed a few tackles, but you DO NOT play that bad against the 32nd ranked offense. NOT EVER. They were NOT prepared against the Skins or against the Dolphins, most notably. There are SEVERAL other times they didn’t show up at all. This dude got to GO. Should have been gone a LONG time ago.

    Tyler Krasting

    As right as you are, Mike Groh is the biggest problem


Both gotta go

David Bobb

WTF is up with Schwartz eyes???


    David Bobb lmao

    David Bobb

    @nicoDOTwav im serious tho, did he have a stroke or something??? I don’t know how I never noticed that before.


    Holycow i never noticed that. He has a glass eye.


Your getting torched on zone blitzes! Just play man cover1 or 2

    David Bobb

    What’s really amazing is that you are a FAN, and you are exactly right. I’ve never understood why this is so difficult for these coaches. It blows my mind.

David Bobb

Groh a set and get the Schwartz outta here.


Jim has to coach up a hell of scheme this Sunday his job on the line.

Chas Minix

Never liked his scheme. Ready for him to go.

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