Jim Covert Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ezra Schwartz

Ya leeesssssgooo 🐻🔽

Felicity Glu

Amazing LT

Jabulani Shaw

If you ask me the whole offensive line do not get the respect that they deserve.


Congrats Jimbo Covert you deserve it 🐻🔽

Pablo Moreno

Great another bear immortalize

silky johnson

Well deserved.

Corp Capt

gonna have to open up a Pitt wing of the Hall soon…..

Michael Coffey

Grats and Kudos to LT for putting his name on that as I am sure that helped fast track him in. Long Overdue 🙂


congrats to jimbo!!


Trubisky is nest booooiiiisssss

Perry J.

Awesome news!!


My favorite lineman back then next to Hilgy….who should be next

youngblak Wall Street

Hey this is who cody whitehair is the new jim covert contradictions to jim covert Superbowl champion and the CHICAGO bears

baz Lynch

Richly deserved

Pamela Kautz

FINALLY!!! Long overdue. Congratulations to Jim Covert!!! 💙🏈🐻⬇️🧡


Probably better than Leno today. Look at him stay on his blocks how come no one on our offensive line stays on their blocks anywhere close to him?

Chandler Williamson

Congratulations Jimbo!!! a great day for you and Bears fans. Finally in.

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