Jerome Bettis, Ray Lewis on Troy Polamalu | Polamalu was “probably the BEST player on that team” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Erik Rashawn Coates

If he doesn’t make the hall of fame I’m not watching nfl football anymore

    Christopher B.

    Don’t watch now. The game has changed for the worse.

    The Crying Towel

    Do what most of us Steelers fans do. When the going gets tough, cheer for the 49ers.


    @The Crying Towel ? Why would anyone switch teams like that lol

Sean Stayte

That’s the best man alive to ever play football.


Troy was the Holy Daddy Elite, of safeties…

Stacy Melanson

I always said, since the first time I watched him play, Polamalu is a man of exquisite passion. You saw it in every game he played. He’s one of my all time favorite Steelers. Black and Gold.

    Steven Enno

    Stacy Melanson yeah if he wasn’t hurt

Charles Stevens

Did you ever see Troy Polamalu dance? My point exactly !!!

Legend Troy

Troy polamalu definitely should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. In his time he was the best defense player in NFL.

    Steven Enno

    Legend Troy No Ed Reed or Ray Ray? You’re high

    Legend Troy

    @Steven Enno they we’re good but I like Troy.

    Steven Enno

    I do too but you can’t have a conversation about that and not include Ed Reed.. their stats are practically identical until you get to interceptions

    Which ED REED HAS double what Troy has as well as more returning yards.

    So, you can love Troy as much as I but you mustn’t be bias and ignorant
    Otherwise you sound like another baseless basehead

    Legend Troy

    @Steven Enno ok we all have our own opinion. Love Reed

Guillermo Ruelas

Why is this even a question? The incomparable Polumalu was the best safety of all time

    Elliott Ellison

    That depends how you look Ed Reed was the greatest cover safety. Troy polamalu was fantastic at getting to somebody, and cleaning up messes.

    The Crying Towel

    Ok I see that you’re drunk today.

    Chandler Morillo

    I love Troy and I also think he’s the best S of all time. Even though a lot may think Ed Reed is, I accept that. Ed’s a Fkn dawg man. But Troys………a fucking titan man

Tino De Jesús

The best polamalu

Cav Trooper 19D

Amazing player!

Don Quixote

Did he not make first ballot…??? He doesn’t require anyone talking him up, making pitches for him, his resume is complete…

Jose Santos

Troy is first ballot HOF. He has some of the best stats for a safety ever.

    Steven Enno

    Jose Santos only Ed Reed is in the same convo

Steve Spears

Just BEAST Enough said ;

ben dover

Favorite football player ever for me

Marv Jones

a good person, a good team mate and a great football player

Christopher Blessing


steeleru7 Burgh

He will always be my favorite Steeler.❤❤❤🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

dylan manning

the reason i like the steelers lol also the only jersey i own is a #43

Kevin Pearson

This guy was the MOST exciting football player. You knew where he was at all times and somehow he was still getting crazy interceptions and fumbles.


Definitely my favorite player

Randy Sixt

Well Polamalu one of the best players of all time so…

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