Jason Witten: More Important Now, Than Ever | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Anglin Jack

Always loved seeing you play witten keep it up I’m always gonna be rooting for you

Interpol Individuals

Big Witt 🐐🏈✊🏼

AJ Mares

Sign a new 1 year contract Witten we need and love you

Jaden World

Witt is like MJ but on the cowboys

Myra Crosby

I was happy to see Witt come back. He’s my fav football player.

Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

Top notch charecter here. Truly a team player. If he couldn’t block half as well as he does Jarwin would be in there. When Jarwin can seal the corner as well as Witt he will be in there. Obviously he’s a hell of a blocker. That came with growth and experience in the game. DC4L ….πŸ‘ πŸ’ͺ 🏁 😎 ….Finish the job boys….This is what pro football is about….

Snoop Brown

I like Witten… I don’t think he has made a great impact on the team since he returned…. I know he have a lot of targets & some tds but nothing major 2me… I think he will be good to jus have jus like Sean Lee…. But a replacement w/speed & knowledge would be nice for next season…

    jeremy x

    JWitt is great for the team/locker room/understudies etc
    He’s good for on the field
    He’s also a prigress-stopper for Blake Jarwin

    To me JG and the FO purposefully hold back taken in order to low-ball them with cheaper contracts

    We need to have been maximizing JLew, Jarwin, Pollard’s for the break glass in case of emergency situations…..

    All this misuse and neglect if talent us the difference of our being 10-4 at the least right now

    Holding onto the Brett Maher’s hole neglecting the Jarwin’s, Pollard’s, Tavon’s, JLew’s etc has been to our detriment

    That’s coaching and the FO allowing such travesties

    But now
    Gold jacket Witten is worth his weight s us Gen Sean Lee
    Their just no longer the future
    They’re played as though they are

David W. Johnson

He’s in Jarwin’s way. Let BLAKE JARWIN have more snaps !!!!!!!!!!

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