Jason Licht on 2021 Bucs Draft ‘Wants’ vs. ‘Needs’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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P Pumpkin Reply

AB is talking to KC.

    9/10 TimesMyCommentsROffensive Reply


    Kieran Malone Reply

    He’s referring to ESPN they made a comment that they should sign him I don’t think they are in the talks rn

    Candlejack Reply

    Your momma

    Story Telling Reply

    After the Britt Reid mess they aren’t going to bring in anymore possible drama or distraction in my opinion.

Levi Rider Reply

Get Tom some Oline depth!

Tampa Kingdom Reply

I really hope we draft wide out Anthony Schwartz outta Auburn in like the 3rd or 4th round .

Tommy Luebke Reply

I Liked that he referenced game film. I hope we don’t get too distracted by workout warriors and focus more on the tape and game speed.

Adam Bub Reply

Are the press conferences back live in person or are they still over zoom

Bucstime 12 Reply

AB a free man! Sign the beast!

cforte0423 Reply

Sign AB for the continuity. Leaving him out alone is a bad look for the rest of your players.

    Mexican Zeppelin Reply

    There is nothing bad looking about AB not being signed. That’s in your mind. AB wants more money than they have for that position, so it’s going to be on AB to come around. Fact is that nobody wants to touch the guy. He dug this grave and he needs to face it that he’s lucky to have an offer. Notice that not even the Ravens have signed him?

    cforte0423 Reply

    @Mexican Zeppelin Oh I get it. You are part of the Bucs office team. That is how you know what is happening exactly. Just because they said they made an offer does not make it a good one. I know your years of experience on the checkers team gives you insight but, trust me. It looks bad to the other team mates that like him IF this is their doing.

Justin Reply

If there’s no possible shutdown corners we need OL and DL depth more than anything. Perhaps a good edge rusher if there’s one still available. Would be worth considering trading our 3rd 4th and 5th round picks for another 2nd pick high in the round if that opportunity arises as well.

    Mexican Zeppelin Reply

    DL and edge rusher are not strengths of this draft. OL might be. Receiver too. I like the idea of building from the inside out, so I think depth/developmental project at OL is a good idea.

teefkay2 Reply

What they need is “insurance against the only thing standing between theBucs & a return to Super Bowl LVI: which is injury”. When he says “depth”, that is exactly correct. The best way to achieve depth is to sign good, VERSITILE players, who can play multiple positions. One D-Lineman, O- Lineman or D- back who has experience at 2 or 3 positions is equivalent to being able to sign extra players. Especially important for the Bucs, since they have very few roster spots open to rookies.

imaddalal Reply

The fans want AB

    Mexican Zeppelin Reply

    The fans want AB, true, but the fans don’t manage the cap either.

Jo el Reply

Stinney is a starter…he is a key backup, played really well when cappa went down. I see him being used a lot next year as the extra blocker, and eventually move him to rg permanently and let cappa play center

Rafael Segovia Reply

AB has proven that he can be a critical part of the Bucs.

Lachlan Skinner Reply

Your fake apology won’t fool anyone greedy Glazer

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