Jason Garrett: Dak Prescott Injury Update; More | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Noah Muy Gamer


Noah Muy Gamer

Go cowboys

Saad Syed

Enjoy your last game this Sunday

Kody Lennox


gg._21x All star

He’s so bad fire this garbage coach 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Corington Baldwin

The look when your final game is Sunday….PRICELESS!!!!!!…

Jason DOE

Can’t simply say you made a mistake with keeping Maher..fail

James Sherman

This his last week and it’s about time

David W. Johnson

Witten is not a deep threat like Jarwin is………..Other NFL teams know this.🤫

    Saad Syed

    David W. Johnson facts. Jarwin needs to get the ball more

Kenny Munsey

The same bs every week

Snoop Brown

Basically Dak is goin to play like he played last week like the rest of the team….. Maybe we will win maybe we won’t…

Tony Canaris

Just win baby a la Al Davis(rip)y and run the ball giving Ezekiel elliot different plays like fake hand off and screen to him. Run fullback ahead of Ezekiel elliot and use reverses when defense is waiting for a run into middle or off guard. I guarantee you they would be successful.

    god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    Jason Garrett is an idiot

Justin Moore

Worst coach EVER!!!! He just repeats his self every interview. Smh

Tony Canaris

The dallas coaches never listen to my youtube comments on how to use Ezekiel elliot. My grandson is named Ezekiel too and that’s why I m a fan of Ezekiel.

DanThaMan Rodz

Why don’t they ask about him being fired lol

Really BadAim

This GM is never at fault.

Skankhunt 42

Who cares? Seriously 🤷🏻‍♂️
It’s over!!!


This guy doesn’t have a clue about Washington wow

Aleck Salvatori

Came, disliked, left

Hope you get fired, f u

salty rangersfan101

Jerry is at fault hes kept this guy for to long hes gone 8-8 for 3 straight years also went 4-12

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