Jarvis Landry Talks LSU Recruitment & Meeting OBJ | Browns Club 46 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jarvis Landry Talks LSU Recruitment & Meeting OBJ | Browns Club 46

In this episode of Club 46, Jay Crawford sits down with wide receiver Jarvis Landry to discuss his football upbringing, committing to LSU and what it means to him to play for the Cleveland Browns.

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Tim Zahler

A little late drop! Im pretty sure nobody cares anymore this season is trash along w odell n Freddie

Karl Marx

dumpster fire train wreck


They ain’t gonna talk about him wanting out of Cleveland?! Wtf… lol


Most fans don’t understand that it take more than a couple trades to turn into contenders. It’s about chemistry, mastering a system and talent comes after that. I think we’ll get there but we need consistency and to stop with the overhyping.


instead of Landry wranglin’ in OBJ’s ego and primadonna’ness, it looks like that cancer has spread. If the “I want out” is true, that’s not how you handle it.. at all. This video doesn’t help it either.

    That Uberistic Nigerian

    MD exactly


Come get me.

Ivalina Passe

That’s Good Chemistry. The Thought Process alone is just being confident and consistent!!!! No Matter What!!!Keep in Pushing Your Going to Get that Trophy!!!!With Odell Beckham!!!!!Keep Putting up those Numbers!!!!


Jarvis!! Such a great humble player. I’m sure next season will be better than this one.

Roy is Confused

Come get me!!!!

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