Jared Veldheer Discusses Filling In For Bryan Bulaga Last Minute – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Gabriel McKee

What a machine.

Mack P

This guy sounds like a blue collar packers player.


hopefully we bring him back next year

    Harry Richard

    hj we will no doubt

    Blk Pig

    Truth, he’s a great fit for a second man…


Olive leaf extract kills ALL bacterial/fungal infections and viruses. Clinically proven. They made penicillin out of it. Try it.

    James Lemke

    Penicillin is made from penicillium, a mold…

Freddy Cuba

Great attitude!


I want him on the squad


What an athlete. What a character. Poised, professional and unshakeable. Much respect

Steven Keegan

Well done Jared!

cruzboy 27

Jared did great job today go pack go

Eric S

War eagle

Saul Orosco

So ur the one that’s gon outwork bulaga huh arods protection is the main factor on our offense

Filippo Biavati

He’s been great today, I saw only one evident mistake were he miss communicated with Turner on a run block, that’s hit, other then that he’s been perfect

troy heichel

Wow what a great addition!!!! He played awesome!!!


His jacket’s pretty sick

Blk Pig

Get this man a giant Poutine please…

michael dillard

Always keep onions in your house or team locker rooms. Cut them in half, they run the virus away. You can google this information. I don’t take the flu shot

Scott Webber

reminds me of Taclkleberry from the Police Academy movies.

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