Jared Goff Post-Game Press Conference vs. Seahawks: “Everybody fights, and it shows” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jaylan Griffin

Let’s go rams


Rams House! Horns Up!!!

    G Capistrano


Annette Mendoza

Got that fire back boys RAMS!!!

    G Capistrano

    That’s what I’m talking about!! 👏👏

Heso Melo

We need to stay consistent


Goff looked tuff in this game……

Those picks are a little rusty but rust is good


    @Garret Buckmaster probably trying to find hole in the zone and Goff wasnt on same page. Little miscue, easy cleanup

    Garret Buckmaster

    @stlouisJAS it wasn’t zone though it was straight man. Goff made the right Read


    @Garret Buckmaster hmm know idea what he was doin then. Glad it didn’t change the outcome of the game

    Garret Buckmaster

    @stlouisJAS but people are quick to just trash Goff


    @Garret Buckmaster no I don’t get it either. Haters gonna hate. The following week after get embarrassed on Monday night, he was named nfc offensive player of week. That’s a hell of a response and the exact response you need from your leader

Adam Loughran

He’s being humble…that first pick was caused by the receiver (not to be named) who stopped short of his route. Watch the replay.


    Adam Loughran the 2nd pick is what got me…..

    Should have just went for the 1st down but we won so its all gumbo

    Adam Loughran

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† agree 100%

    maximus vonce

    2nd pick was Cooks fault, mcvey was pissed at cooks caused he stayed inside instead of going outside.


    Woods has been nothing short of excellent lately, I don’t mind that miscue between them. But can’t let it happen again for sure.


    maximus vonce oh ya i saw that you are right

Dat RanDumb Comment

Hold up…I can hear the questions

maximus vonce

Goff looked good except for 2 fck ups, pick 6 and interception to same guy twice. Otherwise he looked real good.

maximus vonce

Keep wearing Throwbacks and you will win super bowl


“Not being an idiot” really starting to pay off. Sometimes you have to get back to basics.

Logan Clair

Goff look like you did last year. An elite NFL quarterback. 2 pics that weren’t even his fault isn’t that bad, and I love how humble he’s being. He will win a Superbowl before he’s done.

    Eric Berendsen

    Well said. Agreed.

Bearded soul78

Man I hope whn Everett comes back we continue to use ALL our weapons.. Double Tights all our wrs… be a complete unit.. and unpredictable

G Capistrano

Proud of our Team!!! They played very hard and it showed… BIGTIME. Goff is not a bust and glad to see He is getting through his reads and getting rid of the ball faster. So excited 👏👏 GOO RAMS!

Kameron Soard

rams to win the super bowl

S. Pak

Goff looked like he was reading the field more instead of telegraphing his throws

Donald Langford

The oline is much better

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