Jared Cook, ‘We Fell Short Offensively’ | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jared Cook, ‘We Fell Short Offensively’ | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints tight end Jared Cook postgame interview following a tough overtime loss in the 2019 NFC Wild Card Round to the Minnesota Vikings.
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GodOfCreation 21

Where was he man was a none factor in this game

Tyler Horton


Life Lessons

Jared played with heart down the stretch. I have nothing but respect for this man… I woke up today thinking, dang, Saints really went 13-3 only to come out flat for their home playoff game? Yall really had your fans watching games, rooting for teams they dont like hoping for a bye week or a number one seed, only to come out and play like this? Honestly a bye week wouldn’t have helped this team. You get beat at home, in a wild card round, against Kirt Cousins? The same Kirt Cousins Cam Jordan called out a week ago? Lol. This pass happy offense forsure will be back next year, and the end result will most likely be the same. Drew cares so much about his records. Is that the real reason they refuse to commit to a run game year after year? … Drew has just as much power as Sean.. why dont they value the running game? Why don’t they develop those young secondary guys. Teach them to play the ball and not the receiver? Teach these safeties how to tackle properly in space…. Oh well, happy new year and good luck saints fans, good luck…

    Shawn 504

    @Snooted facts been saying that half the damn season.


    Shawn 504 but we gonna bounce back Ik we will. We just need another WR and some more DBs


    @Snooted Facts, Kamara ain’t the same, why didn’t Latavius have more carries.

    Michael Petty

    Life Lessons I Blame Dennis Allen For This Lost .. It Was The Same Way Wit 49ers Kittle Catch !! Small corner On Big Tight End

Scott Stlaey

The season might be done, but we all know we have the talent. We will make adjustments n just be better next year. Unfortunately some of y’all won’t be here next year, but we got great pieces to build our dynasty, so make the hard calls. N let’s hit 2020 with vengeance

    Michael Petty

    Scott Stlaey I Blame Dennis Allen For This Lost .. It Was The Same Way Wit 49ers Kittle Catch !! Small corner On Big Tight End & Drew Bress & Sean Payton๐Ÿ˜’

Karen Castro

In then that missed kick if we made it we would have tied them then whoop em b4 ot

Captain Joe's Angling Adventure's

Been a Saint’s fan since 1967 wvwn through the Bag Years I watched and hoped like the rest of the city. 2009 they delivered and have been pretty much contenders since, yesterday we got out played we didn’t want it bad enough… Thanks guy’s and good luck next year

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