Jameis Winston’s Huge Game w/ 458 Yds & 4 TDs! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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He maybe a TO MACHINE but he will win you games… He is better than Wentz,Goff and others QBs like that #Facts

    Adrian Neves

    Mario Hernandez you’re crazy if you think wentz is better please don’t forget he’s not the man who won the Super Bowl

    Henry Bunch

    @No Actual Way you just gon put words in his mouth huh damn🤣. Your guess is right tho. Definitely better then all non melanin rich Neanderthal cavemen QBS


    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers oh man I deal with y’all all the time in HS, but please explain why Wentz is trash and is worse than a Winston because Wentz is almost better in every category. Also Mcaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Henry, Saquon, Zeke all better RBs than Jackson



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The fact that Winston most likely will get 5,000 yards this season with 25 picks and 30-35 TD’s

Brian Hay

If this guy can produce on a consistent basis, he’s got an amazing receiving core and could definitely do something with this bucs team


    No if he had a running game and OL.

    Eli Navy

    Dude he’s producing on a consistent basis in yardage despite ints


    he needs a running game, an OL, and a defense…


    Dude, what are you talking about, produce on the consistent basics… He produce week in and week out…

    Yall really need to stop listening to these so called commentators/analyst, the media hates Jameis for some reason, but who cares… They are going to always downplay what Jameis does…

    The media didn’t tell yall that he just broke 2 Bucs records today and the records that he broke were his own… Passing yards in a game, was 456 now it’s 458, and TD was 28 in a season now it’s 30 and counting…

    Now Jameis lead the league in passing with 4573 yards, and 2nd in TD passes with 30, that’s 3 behind Lamar Jackson… He also lead the league in interceptions with 24, but we will not mention that the man has absolutely no running game, neither will the analysis…

    So please watch the games for yourselves and stop the this inconsistent nonsense!!!

Ansel Moringlane

He’s inconsistent, but on a good game he’s a total BEAST

    Big Bank

    Bad oline

    Primetime Branko

    Big Bank Seahawks too and Russell Wilson is a future Hall of Famer

    Matthew Elmore

    Primetime Branko …and yet Russell Wilson got his a** handed to him against the sad Rams defense the other week


    ​@Primetime Branko Difference is that Wilson is a much better scrambler. A 78 passer rating inside the pocket under pressure is not HOF worthy.

Tax Tact

Underrated and is only 25 years old

    Mario Hernandez


    M R

    Still a young stud

    nathan c

    @Mario Hernandez yeah. people really underrate his ability just because of his turnovers.

Yo Yo

Gotta give him credit cause those interceptions aren’t bringing down his confidence

    Ibraheem Rao

    He’ll probably throw atleast two picks against Houston next week.

    Matthew Elmore

    Ibraheem Rao so? If he gives you multiple TDs and moves it downfield, I’d rather have that checkdown QBs who can’t put up any points

    Devi Lisa

    He still has not been as bad as Peyton Manning was his first 5 years.
    Manning had 100 INTs those years with 28 and 23 INTs in different years.
    Winston has not thrown more INTs than TDs in his first 5 years while Manning threw 26 TDs with 28 INTs as a rookie.
    He has been a better QB at this point in his career than Manning was and Manning had in those years Marshall Faulk (HOF), Edgerrin James (HOF candidate), Marvin Harrison (HOF) and Reggie Wayne (HOF candidate) and Manning was playing in a dome with perfect conditions.


    He’s a gunslinger picks doesn’t faze him

    Ibraheem Rao

    @Lesartistes101 it does to Tampa because they NEVER have made the playoffs with him.


How can someone be so good and trash at the same time?😂💀

    Big Bank

    A bad o line

    Big Bank

    Bad oline

    King Napstablock

    Bad oline and poor decisions making, but i see confidence in him he just needs time to make decisions.

    Matthew Elmore

    He’s been trash against (1) SF (2) Carolina (3) New Orleans — common denominator: pass rush overwhelming the TB o-line


    Pressure. He has to score on almost any drive. Pressure is the no. 1 killer for any athlete. There is a reason why Michael Jordan shoot 5% less from the field when they trail in the 4th qtr. Same with Kobe, LeBron or Curry. A lot of people call Curry the best shooter, yet he is like 0-7 on game winners (in the playoffs).


If this guy can figure out to just not throw many picks he’s a top 5 QB easy.


    To be fair, 10 of 24 came in two games. 13 of 24 came in 3 games. Sure, still 24 INTs, but he is also scoring for us. Better have him than Trubisky, Minshew or Allen.

Leo’s YouTube Channel

Who else loves football 🏈.

Dirk Nowitzki

This look like Florida State Jameis 🔥🔥🔥🙌

Rell Facts

He’ll have over 5,000 yards and over 30 touchdowns. Even with the high amount of interceptions, you can’t move off this guy. At least franchise tag him. He’s only 25 years old. Ordinary quarterbacks don’t put up those type of numbers.

    Pubert Janus Slurpinstein



    Yup, and as soon as he gets a reliable running game (which he hasn’t had since his rookie year), a reliable which he hasn’t had in a long time, and a consistently reliable defense/ST (which he has never had) he’ll take over the league.

    Calvert Williamson

    Rell Facts The Glazer are not listening to the hater. Billionaires do not listen to idiots. It is like they have an idiot detector.

Billy Fresh

914 yards and 8 tds on 70% last two games, 2 w’s eaten. bucs better sign this man, at least tag him. because honestly, i’d live with those ints at this point if i was a fan of that team, he’s absolutely no scrub. i’m rooting for the guy, he seems to matured as a person now just gotta mature a bit on the field he’ll be fine

    nathan c

    I really hope they don’t drop him! I’d be building the o-line up and they can be a playoff team soon!


    26-6 when they allow 24 or less. Just need a defense. Even with such a bad running game, we can air it out and score.


Winston is a monster. His OL sucks too. Just need to work on the turnovers. Way better than Marriota

    Joshua Wright

    @Evil Duck not even in Jameis ball park

    Evil Duck

    @Peter Iese if Tannehill was on the Bucs Winston would’ve been replaced in week 6

    Matthew Elmore

    Evil Duck bro give it a rest. Mariota has failed because he is too chickens**t with the football. Maybe in his next stop he could be more bold but right now he’s not a starting quality NFL QB

    Devi Lisa

    @My Name -After 5 years, Manning had 100 INTs.
    Dan Marino had 81 after 5 years and if Winston doesn’t throw one the next 2 games, that would be 1 less than Winston has thrown.
    John Elway after 5 years had 77 INTs with just 85 TDs.
    My problem is folks made excuses for the golden white guys when they were worst protecting the ball.
    Dam Marino in both his college and NFL career was one of the most one dimensional QBs ever-a guy who would either throw a TD or hand the ball to the other team.

    Evil Duck

    @Matthew Elmore nah has Winston got a playoff win or made the playoffs

Kenrick Perryman II

Besides the INTs.. Jamies been throwing the peel off the ball this year!

terrace Robinson

When winston have time in the pocket he golden

    Q Kellz

    Bruh damn near any QB gtfoh


This man has the biggest confidence in the world, ain’t scared to throw the ball

    Helen G. Pitts

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Greg Jennings

He’s like Brett Favre. He’s borderline elite. Especially if he can limit turnovers.

Philip West

Winston seems to throw for 300+ yards almost every week

    Moe Moe

    yep, just need to cut the INT out

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