Jameis Winston Reflects Back on Game vs. Texans | Bucs vs. Texans Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jameis Winston Reflects Back on Game vs. Texans | Bucs vs. Texans Postgame Press Conference

QB Jameis Winston spoke to the media following the Buccaneers' game against the Houston Texans in Week 16.

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Shaking my Head!

Stevita Stamerov

I’ve supported him and still support him. But that performance was rough. No doubt he’ll bounce back next week and eat a w to finish 500. These are all building blocks and lessons learned for next yr. Keep the faith Bucs fans, the best is yet to come‼️


    Yeah I mean he is who he is. You have to bring him back because he’s the best available option for next year. But you gotta bring somebody to compete with him besides Ryan griffin. Either dalton or rivers Carr somebody. He’s not a franchise qb.

    To Release is To Resolve

    lol the denial is strong

    Mike M.O.B

    Love the positivity.

    Leek Gotbills TV

    Jorge Ruiz he’s playing with a fractured thumb and won two games in a row with it without his best receivers you name a quarterback he’s going to go out there and throw it like that with a broken thumb out there in free agency or the draft 🤔

LRW 813to404

He’s right. If Jameis can protect the ball more, the Bucs can easily be a 12 win team and be a threat in the Playoffs. Hopefully, 2020 will be his season. Next year’s Superbowl is in Tampa.

    Calvert Williamson

    LRW 813to404 If he had protected the ball today, the Bucs would have won.

    next level JKSC

    If OJ Howard didn’t drop a touchdown pass

    Matt Ziggy

    And that’s the big IF. Reallly big IF.

    To Release is To Resolve

    If I had a billion dollars I’d be rich.

Keld El

I blame the coaching. Arians needs to adjust his system to Jameis’ talents.
Stop having him sling it downfield recklessly and set up plays to backs and tight ends and slot guys.

    Logan Malone

    @Zyptic 11-19 yards

    im toxiq

    And let the man run the call because he can do it

    Han Solo

    He’s terrible with short passes! 🤣 what are you talking about?

After Asteroid Survivor

It’s time to bring in some competent competition at QB. Draft or free agency. JW needs to constantly watch over his shoulder because he knows there’s someone waiting for his chance to unseat him. Franchise tag him and bring in a new litter of QB’s for competition. It’s time.


    But he’s not that bad, the receivers needed to catch some of those throws

    After Asteroid Survivor

    Hxnock Then he needs to stop with the family garbage. He needs to yell and correct his receivers. JW never gets angry. Manning and favre always corrected their receivers, JW never does.

    Dat Onekid

    They have arguably the best group of wide receivers and somehow and someway he keeps throwing 15+ interceptions a season

    After Asteroid Survivor

    Dat Onekid couldn’t have said it better myself.

Zachary Stoker

Jameis is our quarterback, one heck of a game, kept it close, with Evans and Godwin in the game would’ve been a dub.


    Kadrinne Brewton Zach is a delusional Bucs Fan. Winston is straight up TRASH!!

    King Gasparilla

    Winston sucks

    antonio park

    U serious, this dude sucks

True Bucs fan

It’s alot of pressure on this young man, but I support him because he plays hard until the end.

    Bucos Locker

    A lot of pressure. No other QB has this in him… Mayfield is another one that similar

    antonio park

    He needs to go

Spec- Jones

I have no comment……….

Spec- Jones

Bucs fan Let me ask you a question how many times has Jamies said he need to stop turning the ball over…..

    im toxiq

    Spec- Jones buc fan let me ask you a question how many times did he throw a pick that wasn’t his fault ?


    Spec- Jones He’s Straight Up TRASH!! He’s ALL TALK!!

    Han Solo

    How many times has he said “I need to get better”?


Next week a secret trick play ->
Winston throws to someone in a Buc’s jersey !

    im toxiq

    mopthermopther wow 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that’s some funny man secret trick play-> his receivers try and make plays


Despite the turnovers you still put us in a position to win. We played good despite the injuries. I didn’t expect a win with the injury report. The defense played phenomenal today, they made the Texans offense look below average.

Alec Piche

we need to get a solid run game going and we coulda took this one. plus the officiating was absolutely terrible

Melvin Austin

This is the first time I’ve heard him really own up to the T.O.’s and I know that he’s hurt so, I don’t fault him for this game but… I will blame the COACH!!! 3rd and 1, the 4th quarter, you NEED that yard, you don’t call a time out and possibly put a lead blocker in for the back who’s getting you the most yards? Bruce has lost two games this year alone (Giants and Texans). I’m starting to question him more than Jameis.

    Melvin Austin

    @Kadrinne Brewton You must be new. I’ve been the only one saying Tampa should have gotten Kirk Cousins BEFORE Jameis was ever on the team. However, the coach has got to be part to blame as well this season because he’s made MANY mistakes also. I’m the last person to defend Mr. Pick-le but, the team STILL could have won with better decisions from the coaching staff.

    Kadrinne Brewton

    @Melvin Austin to be honest both of them can go i don’t want anybody on that staff anymore and that dam qb

    Melvin Austin

    @Kadrinne Brewton Yeah, I feel you. Unfortunately, we’re gonna get a replay next year. The only thing I hope for is RoJo to get WAY MORE carries or get a back like Derrick Henry who look like he’ll punk the whole coaching staff if he don’t get his touches.

    Kadrinne Brewton

    @Melvin Austin i just wish all those loser people on the team was gone

    Leek Gotbills TV

    Kadrinne Brewton you sound like you never played football in your life if we keep running the same routes even with practice squad receivers the defense watches film they already know which play it is they have been studying all week they picked him off on the same 5 yard out route and 10 yard slant route learn football before talking about it my guy💯💯

Smoov P

Bad Game on the QB, but the INTS will not decrease until we run the ball efficiently it literally takes the ball out if his hand & the LBs can’t sit on their heels in coverage. It’s football not rocket science but everything is related. He can’t trust his RBs so he’s gonna make risky/questionable throws & your 3rd &4th WRs are 1st & 2nd string. I know with a 1400 yard rusher he threw 15/16 INTS well would you look at that they also had the 22nd best defense won only 6 games.

    Sean Akridge

    Bro some of it is play calling too. He needs to be able to get out of the pocket more with tiered receivers. That last pick was a bad play call but the OC doesn’t trust the TE’s….OJ Howard and Cameron Brate are inconsistent.

david sanders

I am 100000% certain that Jameis Winston and Freddie Kitchens are either related, or have the same speech coach. 🤦🏽‍♂️

John Holman

He needs a great runningback to take the pressure off and the ints will go down.

    Bucos Locker

    @Kadrinne Brewton

    Since 2016

    2018 Peyton Barber 106 yards vs the Giants
    2017 Peyton Barber 103 Yards Vs the Packers
    2016 Jacquizz Rodgers 101 Yards Vs the Panthers
    2016 Jacquizz Rodgers 154 Yards ave the 49ers
    That’s crazy

    Kadrinne Brewton

    @Bucos Locker he is the weak link we wouldn’t be behind so much if he stop throwing a pick on the 1st play of the game

    Kadrinne Brewton

    @Bucos Locker i agree with all that he can go 2

    Bucos Locker

    @Kadrinne Brewton Well you gonna be upset if the Bucs bring Winston back for the 2020 season. Then what? Keep complaining all next year. You better hope the Bucs cut ties and he don’t put it ALL together next year.

    Kadrinne Brewton

    @Bucos Locker i hope they do cut ties

Linkz GP

Jameis Winston is unapologetic about his style of football and I respect it. However he is not a franchise QB. Franchise tag him for a year and see who becomes available

    William Rackham

    That’s right, you cant let him walk. Franchising him is a no brainer.

Matthew Williams

I will not watch this next year get another qb. He’s cost to many seasons and games. He’s not playoff caliber but a bust. Twenty five million is just cap space for other good players were not fixing issues. The gm has to go too. It’s aggravating 🤬

    Bucos Locker

    Good riddance if you not going to support the TEAM

Brian Hilliard

Jameis is still young & still have a chance to be a very good qb. I respect him for not blaming nobody else but himself. Even though his ints were not the only issues. The Bucs were without their top receivers, running back fumbled the ball, & the were drops by his receivers.

Bettylane FifteenDoubleO

So whe gone sit here n act like brate and Oj caint catch a fuckn cold 🥶

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