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Blunted Vegas702

This guy is the Jets heart and soul, pay the man and keep him happy… 45 years a Jets fan , forget Darnold and what he might turn into, Adams is already the man …trade this man and im done being a Jets fan I CAN deal with the losses but i CAN’T deal with treating Adam’s like this…a very good guy who is intelligent, positive and motivated. Insanely talented like we haven’t seen in year’s….he’s worth 2 Sam Darnolds at this point …Facts

    Matty Stacks

    eric fox QB is definitely more important then SS but Jamal Adams is a future Hall of Famer. Trading away hall of farmers isn’t a recipe for success. Is New England or Buffalo in a rush to trade Gillmore or White?

    Pat Iorio

    Bro I feel your pain the Jets done some pretty dumb things now . I agree they trade him I’m done being Jets fan not worth my health


    @Matty Stacks New England actually does trade away HoF players. They trade a lot of people away before paydays, that argument was a little dumb lol

    Matty Stacks

    aprx1814 New England trades good players coming up on big contracts. Sometimes they trade away pro bowlers, but usually it’s a player that was only dominant for 1 season. Name 1 hall of famer they have traded away that was in his prime? New England would never consider trading Jamal Adams right now.

Matty Stacks

They need to give him an extension ASAP

Reik R

Hall of Famer in the making 💯


one of the few bright spots on this team.

Herd Radio

You’re scaring me Adams. Dont make me put money on the Jets this week

    Alex Cady

    Herd Radio never put money on the jets

Pat Iorio

Jamal your Beast your animal thank God we have player who very passionate about foot ball and play for my team JETS JETS .!!!!

Joejoebear Yt

If the Jets keep le’veon and Jamal Adams and get a better the jets are playoff contenders


I love this man💪🏾


Manish Meta is trash

Donald Kephart

The President Mr. Adams I hope they never trade you. JET UP BABY

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