Jamaal Williams: ‘We all play for each other’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Jamaal’s interviews are always entertaining! 😂

Kiasia Johnson


Ezra Knaack

Shukaku Mode Engaged.

Jermy Brady

They need to give Jamal 10-13 touches maybe even all carries and put Aaron Jones in the slot or out wide with Jamal running use every real playmaker we have cause they other WRs ain’t cutting it and MVS is disappointing even tho I believe they should start him he’s played too weak this season Lazard is a hooper tho

    ambi ven

    Exactly!! They need to surprise 49ers with 2 RB set. I dont know what happened to Allison also. Last season he stepped up and this season he has been really bad. MVS and Allison need to come forward big time.

    Freddy Tapia

    I like this. I also think Jamal should carry most of the first half. Jones should carry the 2nd half. Jones is quick and I believe he can do more damage in the 2nd half

Greenbay backer

The firecracker of the team!🔥 need him to have a big game!


GPG 💚 💛💚 💛

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

Win or lose
I love our roster going forward

Tyki Mikk804

I just gain confidence about our chances

Daniel Seliger

SpongeBob and Jones fittin’ to lay it all out there.


Merman! Merman

cruzboy 27

It’s all business baby go pack go 💪

cliff luebke

Please get the hair out of your eyes

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