Jaire Alexander: The Smiths brought ‘swagger’ to the team – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Soccs and Crocs

they really did though


Jaire “The Gambler” Alexander

aaron berhane

Jaire with the sack on Wilson a forced fumble that should of counted and he shut down Metcalf 💪🏽

Karthik Bobba

Savage in the background

Kiasia Johnson



Hopefully Pettine can figure out how to stop giving up these huge passing plays. We definitely have the talent in the secondary, they just need the right schemes

    Justin Harmon

    They didn’t give up any huge passin plays last game what are you talkin about. The Seahawks had to work for every score they had

    Jon 66

    That was shanahan taking advantage of a young secondary. Probably a great learning experience for them plus Petine is always better the second time they play the same team.

    Ronnie Hankins

    Justin Harmon pretty sure he is talking about big passing plays against 49ers my dude

    Jon Marsh

    they give up the big plays but not the points. im cool with that

    Zane Gibson

    I love the packers but last game with the 49ers they did give up big plays and too many points gotta stop George Kittle

tonk 53

Packers winning this weekend 24-19


when that clock hits 0 in the 4th q just make sure your team has the most points…thats all


Get off to fast start… gotta win the opening coin toss don’t want to start with the ball and let the crowd get right into it with their defense let them put the offense out first stop them and then get the ball.

    Jarron Gordon

    TROCK754 that’s what I’m saying mane we gotta start fast on both sides off the ball have pressure in Jimmy face throughout the game and offensive has to be balanced the run game has to implemented all 4 quarters.

    Pee S

    Y’all should coach the team, that’s what they need to do.

Matt Nicholson

My Man!!! Let’s shock the world boy’s!!!!

Ph4nT0m zLegecy

Yo ngl Jaire Alexander a goat I got hes Jersey letss goo number 23 get them picks

Saul Orosco

Real recognize real💯 with that being said I salute u and King yaw cold cold 💪


Fantasic young player. On his way to his first Superbowl. Let’s go Pack!

Peter Searls

Green Bay all the way!!!

Parke Obrien

Let’s do some more corner blitzes.

Packersfan 12

We need to force a couple of turnovers.

David Britt Affiliates

Fire 🔥👊🏾

Jarron Gordon

One of my favorite players he’s gonna makes plays forsure this game just like last game

Harrison Kotlarek




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