Jaguars Weekend: Indianapolis Colts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Taco Clan

Oh no we suck agian

Itz Zenisy

The jaguars will be a great team next year and I believe.


    Depends on who is drafting and who is coaching. If all remains the same i doubt it.

    Itz Zenisy

    jagsfanrick you have a good point I would like to see some better defense and a quarterback for sure but I hope it will be better

November Delta

rough season with a lot of questions for next year…. but fingers crossed for great things to come despite how things will shake out ….. Go Jags..

Scham Liom

Im hyped für ryquell armstreads Performance today. Im a Fan since his temple days and even If I Like Leonard i belive in ryquells streng!
Go jax

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