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Jaguars move on from Leonard Fournette | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

The Jaguars waived Leonard Fournette after not finding a trade partner for the former first-round pick. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #LeonardFournette
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Jaguars move on from Leonard Fournette | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Russell Webster Reply

Theres chicagos opportunity

Allen Saunders Reply

I would hate to be the quarterback of Jacksonville no talent around him

    Ryan McCann Reply

    Allen Saunders Chark only proven talent rest are average.

    chris carrillo Reply

    I’d love to be Gardner outside of football
    Looks like a fun life lmao but on the field…gonna take a beating 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Joe Mcginnis Reply

    Yep your right

    kevin perry Reply

    In all fairness Fournette was straight up disrespectful to Minshew trying to get Cam on board, so he probably happy with this one.

    Daniel Guel Reply

    I’d take a million or whatever to do that!!!! 😂

Shawn Baker Reply

I’d love to see Washington kick the tires on him!!

    Muggz334 Reply

    I could see that

o0usf0o Reply

Just imagine if he went to Tampa

    Sean Collins Reply

    8-8 or 9-7

    o0usf0o Reply

    RogerRay only need him to split carry’s. 15 touches a game.

    by ei w nsso Reply

    Tampa has no cap space whatsoever but despite what they said he was waived so they would have to hope no one claims him first

    by ei w nsso Reply

    Yea they would have to make cuts just to afford his current base salary so i would say unlikely

    o0usf0o Reply

    by ei w nsso they’d likely have to cut someone… like a Justin Evans type.

Barrett Hulse Reply

Wow what a dumb move, wohoooo shooting for that number 1 overall draft pick next year

joe magwood Reply

Ramsey, Foles, Campbell, Ngakue, Fournette  yes Jacksonville tanking

Rodney Miller Reply

Khans focoused on AEW

Gardner Minshew II Reply


ralph wiggum Reply

Fournette is a great player to me. 😞

Brian Felt Reply

Bear’s best place for him to go

Top Dawg Reply

If he gos to the patriots it’s all over

    Sean Collins Reply

    7-9 or 8-8

Iron Force Gaming 1 Reply

I hope he goes to a team like bears or Steelers. I literally drafted him 2 days ago smh

    London Keil Reply

    Me too and both rb starters in jags someone picked up lol he was my 4rd pick 🤣🤣

Javaris williams Reply

Kansas City, Chargers, Tampa Bay…. love to see it

    bearholdensharks LUX Reply

    He’s not a good running back

    Sean Collins Reply

    Chiefs have no use for him.

    Muggz334 Reply

    Sean Collins none whatsoever

Ian Samuelson Reply

Even my Dolphins got a 7th round pick for Kalen Ballage….oh wait he failed his physical.

DC Blunt Reply

Wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up in KC. Maybe GB

Noah Allen Reply

I see him ending up on Washington…. he’d be a scary fit in SFthough

Noah Allen Reply

Washington football team slept on … no giuce no Thompson, they rolling with 40 year old AP and rookies

Derek Spivey Reply

He’s actually just now in his 4th year I’m pretty sure

Daniel Guel Reply

I think the Jaguars could really use him!!!

munene mathenge Reply

Hahaha, the Jags just out here acting like talent grows on trees.

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