Jace Sternberger on blocking: ‘It’s all about attitude’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Blackhawk Venom

Jimmy teaches you how to block by showing exactly what not to do.

    Dylan Anderson

    Jimmy has blocked well this year

    Gage B

    Blackhawk Venom I mean I watched him bulldoze someone against the lions. I think

Ben Chrisoit

He talks like a prissy soyboy

    Gary Ridgeway

    Ben Chrisoit chill

Jr Kuul

Go pack go

Matt Nicholson

Please get this man the ball!! So much talent. Dudes a monster and a nightmare match up!! Please please get him and Vitale more involved


    Matt Nicholson yea but jimmy no legs has a big contract so we have to play him right? Lol

    Matt Nicholson

    @Lee86 IDK what’s going on there. He needs to take some vikes and go for it now to make up for everything cuz this his last shot..lol


    @Lee86 Lol Jimmy no legs….I call him Jimmy Butterfingers. Now I shall change it to “Jimmy No Legs Butterfingers.” Thank you.

    Remmington Glorioso

    I’ve been wondering this since he was activated. I thought drafting him would mean less of the ghost of jimmy graham and more of a reliable Zach Ertz type target

Daniel Dietsche

Congrats! You have a great attitude, keep it up!

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