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Jace Sternberger Has The Right Stuff | Chalk Talk

The two playoff games say TE Jace Sternberger has what it takes to succeed in the NFL. Larry McCarren provides examples on the telestrator.

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Professor Cakes

I hope he becomes our George kittle. And he’s wearing the great number 87. We all know what other packer great wore that number.

    Karthik Bobba

    Professor Cakes who was it again?

    Lucas Nogueira

    @Karthik Bobba jordy nelson

    Karthik Bobba

    @Lucas Nogueira yeah I know, I thought someone was going to get tiggered with my comment. I was just trolling.

Mgtow Farmer

They can let Graham go now

dennis challenger

He is much better on his feet than Graham.

Johnny Ho

They need to use him more for running routes for catches not just for blocking.

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