J.J Watt has ‘A Whole Lot’ Left in the Tank | Arizona Cardinals Underground – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

J.J Watt has ‘A Whole Lot’ Left in the Tank | Arizona Cardinals Underground

Arizona Cardinals insiders Darren Urban, Kyle Odegard, and Paul Calvisi debate how much of an impact J.J Watt will have in the locker room and on the field.

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LENNON Woolf The Az sports fan Reply

Rise up Red Sea

AZ Loyal Reply

Just might renew now.

backtoconstitution1 Reply

All the haters 🤣 on other stations

Yacan Ben Israel Reply

Jj watt?

RyRy Tha N8tive Reply

“I tHouGht hE wAntED tO WiN A riNg!” Haters. Watt ain’t a chump to chase a ring. He wants work for it, change a franchise around and do it right. #riseupredsea

    RyRy Tha N8tive Reply

    @Elias Gonzalez maybe not better but they can compete with them all and no matter the outcome this is a Cards page so you know who we rooting for. Lot of close games we took the L so next season we coming for more Wins

    Elias Gonzalez Reply

    RyRy Tha N8tive yeah, and that’s the problem, they aren’t better and they can’t close games, kingsburry May be good at making a game plan, but he is terrible at situational plays, he is a bonehead to make critical game winning desitions, but ok, let’s see what happens on season, good luck I guess

    Relentless Reply

    @Elias Gonzalez bears are worse than the hawks w or w out Wilson. Vikings? Fr? If the packers didn’t have Rodgers you wouldn’t be mentioning them, cards have always played packers well. Only real competitor is the rams. 49rs are no where near better than the cards

    Frank Martin Reply

    @Elias Gonzalez Bucs and Packers yeah they are better. Rams maybe because they have our number for some reason. 9ers Vikings Bears hell no lmao as long as we don’t play down to our competition again they won’t be a problem.

    MenUbabe Sihatay Reply

    @Elias Gonzalez doesn’t mean they are contenders

    ?? really seat down really think about that .. every team in the NFL is a Contenders

George Ramirez Jr Reply

I feel better now knowing his last season PFF rankings. Lets see what we do in the draft and free agency. We do need at least one cornerback that’s a legit starter. One man doesn’t win you a Superbowl.

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