‘It’s just the beginning’: Alexander Johnson looks back on his breakout season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Wild story, great pick up!! Let’s gooo!!

Bronco Nation

I hope he’s a beast for years to come

scott peterson

Let’s go Broncos 😁

RaiderHater 30


Caleb Valdez

I got a high five from him at the colts game

    DJBLUE Barry

    Noice man


This guy… what a gem.

end me

He’s awesome. Love AJ

Jack Black

Hes a savage go denver!!

Uso Penitentiary

Here’s to hoping he’s an all pro next season. Screw the pro bowl

Jose Uc-poot

He’s one on my jersey list, Johnson empower broncos

Brenton Burbank

He’s a stud at lb


BEAST!!!! Go broncos

Ed McCaffrey

I called this guy back in training camp. University of Tennessee all time leading tackler. Raw talent combined with Fangio coaching this guy could be the real deal future at LB!

Go Broncos And nuggets

Goat killer 🦖

God'sNotDead 00

His our next great linebacker!!!

    Wayne Reynolds

    He is looking like it!!

R.F.K. PeaceNik19

The Broncos Spirit is Back. Go Broncos.


Can’t wait to see him next season!! He made a impact from the moment he stepped on the field.

Jeremy Webb

Looking forward to this dude as a full season starter! Long and swarms, seems good in Vic’s zone d

Real Joe

I love coach fangio

Clyde Triplett

Tebow : 9 news called Tim Backup QB of the decade.
He should have been number 2 QB on the Team for last 10 years. Stupidity to blackball him Elway

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