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GeorgiaBulldawg Killa


Dandre Johnson


GeorgiaBulldawg Killa

It’s still 9pm on the west coast. But on the east coast it is game day . 5-9 coming up

Quentin Hesse

I think we just might pull off another upset😳🤔🤫🔥👀

    Stan ezen

    Not a chance. Niners win by 26+

    Quentin Hesse

    Yeah maybe but that’s what people said when we played the saints week 10

    Goku Black

    Quentin Hesse I just hope it’s at least a close game. Only problem I have with winning is that it would help the aints lol. Also our draft pick.

    First Last

    @Goku Black don’t wanna help dat…

Stan ezen

My falcons about to get buttfucked lmao #RiseDown

Niners win 41–17

    Kenna Knudsen


    Kenna Knudsen

    To not you the comment

    saladisbad deal with it

    Honestly I can tell ur not a real fan lmao. U probably joined the fanbase when they went to the superbowl lmao

    Stan ezen

    Oh I’m a real fan but I’m also realistic too lmao

blake wagner

This is a revenge game.

Ryan Blanco

As a niner fan I’ll say when we play the falcons it’s always an exciting match up. Best of luck tomorrow fellas

    I'm That Guy Eddie

    Thank you same too you

    saladisbad deal with it

    I love the respectful fanbases. Best of luck to you to


    It will be a close game, win or lose it will still be great

    Kelvin Gilley

    As a Dirty Bird (and sAints hater), this is probably the only game I really don’t mind losing…

Eurei Tate

Plz lose

    Goku Black

    Eurei Tate Fr 😂 I just hope it’s at least close though.

Dancing With the Nintendo Stars

Nice video but the Niners aren’t the Panthers not by a long shot

ZukoDaPrince Channel

49ers been on a mission all season. It’s always exciting when we play. Lets finish it out Atlanta. We got this.

First Last

Falcons got this…

Football Films

All of you saying “41-17 49ers” “49ers win by 26+”. If you were a true fan you would have confidence in the team. the fanbase is a large part of the team. Even if the falcons don’t win, still have confidence.

Brayden Powell

Falcons are going to win

Tony Name

49ers by 49

Nyquill Jornan

Look at this positively

If the Falcons win, this would go down as the biggest upset this season
However, even if the Falcons lose, both teams win since the Saints won’t potentially take the number 1 seed

Let’s do this #RiseUp and #FTS

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