‘It means a lot’ Julio Jones on being selected for his seventh Pro Bowl | Falcons WR – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

‘It means a lot’ Julio Jones on being selected for his seventh Pro Bowl | Falcons WR

Julio Jones speaks with the media about the Falcons building off of their win against the 49ers, his excitement for the Pro Bowl this year and the team's preparation for the Jaguars.

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Build Crazy24

Julio is the best! He is the GOAT!!


That’s my boy. Best receiver in the league #riseup #1000yards #bestreciverintheleague

    poppa slim

    Uhhhhhhh don’t let your emotions trump your logic. There’s a dog in New Orleans that says you’re wrong

Mason Short

Julio is the best WR he’s godly best one to ever live

Michael parry 514

Yeah Julio Jones goat

Luke Bissinger

If you don’t like Julio you have the worst life ever

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    Thankful he looked so strong beating SF

saladisbad deal with it

Best in the league period. If u dont believe me look at this man’s stats with the little targets he gets. Dont compare this man to the showboating mike thomas. This is a example of a true football player


    Lets gooooo ur a beast

    poppa slim

    You’re crazy. Who’s about to shatter the Marvin Harrison’s reception record? Who already holds the completion percentage record. MIKE T WOMAN!!!

    saladisbad deal with it

    @poppa slim who gets force fed the Ball. Who has possibly the best qb of all time. Mike thomas woman

    poppa slim

    @saladisbad deal with it in fact he does have the best QB of all time, but, Drew has thrown to hundreds of other guys? They’re not the goat. And I’m sorry. I read your name wrong. I thought u were a chic.

Chris Edwards

Lol Julio always tries to stay so humble.

Julio: Yeah I’m going at a faster pace than Jerry Rice did when he was playing. But hey! Whatever that’s not even a big deal. It’s not like that really hard to do. I’m just out here playing. No big deal.

Dandre Johnson

Yo this is really that first time hearing Julio talking about himself being the when he retires, I know julio isn’t a stat guy but it knda sounds like he’s chasing Jerry rice


    Man thatd be hard cuz jerry played so many years but julio my top 3 right jwzr to moss and megatron its honestly hard af to give any of them the #1 spot

    Dandre Johnson

    CJ true but I think if Julio wants to play for 7 or 8 more years he’ll surpass Jerry rice’s all time receiving record


    Dandre Johnson very true but it also have to account for his body dudes a human highlight reel but we dont know how much of a toll the body takes on cuz of the sport

    Dandre Johnson

    CJ yeah it could be the same thing like Calvin Johnson, but Julio has a way better work ethic than CJ so he would want to compete longer I think, but that’s if he wins a Super Bowl

John Asquith






Football Films

Julio Jones is…

A great athlete
A great Falcon
A great teammate
A great personality
… A great person

    poppa slim

    I know you’re right, but it just seems like the biggest oxymoron when u say great falcon. Lol

    Samuel Davis

    He’s nothing like AB..

David Hudson

This my manz right here real deal freak of nature

Judge whaley

The day he retire will be a sad day 😢

    Dandre Johnson

    Judge whaley hopefully 8 years from now with a couple of rings and the all time receiving record

    Dandre Johnson

    And still on this team


A pro’s pro is Julio Jones. Keep up the standard Mr. Jones… you are the bar in which other NFL players are measured. 1st as a man, 2nd as a player. Happy Holidays from a Godly man.

Nick bagnulo

Get him a ring next year PLEASE

    Dandre Johnson

    Nick bagnulo PLEASEEEEEEEEE

    poppa slim

    If it happens, he won’t be in Aint’Lanta lol

    Actively Lazy

    @poppa slim Wdym he just signed a new contract

    poppa slim

    @Actively Lazy well I guess his tub will continue to have something his finger wont. Lol

LA Ryan

“I don’t even compare myself to Jerry Rice. I gotta keep going. I’m not even close”. … DAMN! Name one other NFL receiver who would say that.

Andrew Young

Wow proud of you I’m big fan of Julio since I watch him in 2013 nfc championship game he catch with his strength speed with need offsetive linemen get better no flags


Julio is an awesome receiver. He makes very difficult things look easy. Wonderful to have him as a falcon.

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