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Introducing Your Las Vegas Raiders

Inspired by our legends of the past – and our leaders of tomorrow – in a city that shines brighter than most and an iconic franchise ready for the biggest stage – introducing your Las Vegas Raiders.

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Feathery Mars

“ Once a Raider always a Raider”

Jake Paul



RaiderNation represent!

Mona U

The allegiant stadium is so gorgeous!

    walter leon


    Gladiator Spear

    I can’t wait to see it in person. Coming from the Bay area


    Gonna be crazy next season

    nick armijo

    Thank you I’m on this project as a Vegas local I’m excited

    Frank Sanchez

    The “DEATH STAR” woooo can’t wait for next season

Anthony Benedetti

Just win, baby!

    The Rose

    Just moved baby!

Cody Donohoo

The stadium is lookin 🔥

NAL Lopez

Sin City Raiders.

    Alan Becerra


    A A

    Perfect place for their fanbase. Biggest sinners in the league.

    Kevin J

    @A A time to paint Vegas black, baby.


    @A A Kids mad I see😂


    NAL Lopez Win City Raiders

Jonny Augz

Add an O on the back of the helmets in addition to the AL.


welp… this is the perfect excuse to have a yearly vegas trip 😛

    Osiris Supreme

    For real 😈😈😈

Logan Shanny

Allegiant stadium>>>>>>>>>>any other stadium


Booze, strippers and Raiders
All you need for great weekend in Vegas

    Brian Baxter



    @Brian Baxter thanks, autocorrect give me troubles sometimes.

    The illusion destroyer

    Don’t forget the yayo!

    Hawaii Ball Express

    The illusion destroyer and the Super Bowl 😈

    The illusion destroyer

    @Hawaii Ball Express Yes indeed! Woooooooooooo!

Dominic Herrera

This video feels like a movie trailer

    Diego Mendoza

    And this video is way better compared to how the Chargers promoted their “Fight For LA” campaign

    T.R.U. Louisianimal

    Yep lol


    Cause of the *in movie trailer voice* MOVIE TRAILER VOICEEEE!

Little Miss Bliss

😭😭😭 I will always miss my Oakland Raiders I would still be supporting them as the Las Vegas Raiders

Joel Farias

The Stadium 🔥


As sad as it is for them to leave Oakland I’m just happy they got a stadium this franchise deserves

    FBI Stat Major

    Death Star

    Hawaii Ball Express

    YOFACE9999 and a Super Bowl they’re going to soon 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Vlad the Impaler

    YOFACE9999 They deserve mediocrity. I’m happy they’re gone. Also their fans tore up a stadium that the Oakland A’s need to use still. Stay classy 😂

    Jake Long

    Is it cause it looks like a toilet bowl?

    C. Who Dat

    Hawaii Ball Express lmaoooo

bob jarosz

Las Vegas will be the 3rd city to be home to a SuperBowl Champion Raider Team!

Hayden Musser

Bad luck and disaster had been with us, watch us in Vegas we are gonna he explosive.


No matter weather it’s Oakland, Las Vegas or Hell itself I’m all about the Raider Nation☠️

Mike Patton

Breaking news! The Oakland A’s are moving to Las Vegas and will share Allegiant Stadium with the Raiders.


    Could you imagine😂

Anne Francis

Welcome to the Silver State, Las Vegas Raiders!!!

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