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Silas Piccione

Go cheifs

    Breakglass Dawkins

    chiefs, not cheifs. I before E


Offense gotta reappear.Andys play calling HAS to be better two out of every four quarters it disappears 💯

    KSU 1989

    The players have to fully execute the plays called. Injuries, turnovers, and penalties have been real factors.

    Derek Mathews

    We have too much talent on offense to not be executing like this on offense and everything.


    You need time for those routes to open up. An oline that cant protect has nothing to do with Big Reds playcalling

Captain Dingleberry

I started the Ravens defense knowing I should’ve stuck with the Chiefs in my fantasy league. Chiefs defense has been doing great. So glad it’s starting to come together at the right time.

Captain Dingleberry

That Edelman flop at the end was sad.

    Conga Line Monkey

    They call that ‘The Dying Squirrel’.


Let’s get this w

Slim is chillin

How bout those CHIEEEEFFFFFS


I love me some Mitch, man

wassup 12

Im a bronco fan but much respect to all the Chiefs fans out there y’all always play us good


    Respect to you man ! It always should be about a shared love of the game. You guys are starting to look scary going forward.



    Ruth Johnson

    It’s always fun to watch the Pats lose. But congrats on divisional win. Yes, I’m a Broncos fan. Next year…

    Quick Reviews

    I can see your boy Lock getting MVP award next season

    Darell Thorne

    I love my kc football snow makes it even funnier I can remember Blaine in the snow with my brother an cousins

bubba bug

cant believe that drew lock and denvers coach said they will convert chiefs fans to bronco fans….that will never happen, bottom line..

    Chiefs Kingdom

    Not with my chiefs tats

    Tyler Hutches

    Uhhh no they said drew locks family will be there so maybe those 50 or so people will be converted to bronco fans for the weekend…

Know what i mean

YT channel Thats good sports has a preview of this game


Hey Brett Veach. Bringing Tyrann Mathieu to the kingdom was a masterstroke. A great gift to us all and especially Juan Thornhill.
The reason I love that dude so much is that I KNOW that win or lose he brings 100% EVERY TIME. I knew he was good but not this good ! 32 is a sick puppy.

    Derek Mathews

    27March27, I laughed when everybody said that Tyrann Mathieu was overrated! Look who’s laughing NOW! Tyrann Mathieu is our Patrick Mahomes on defense. The pick of Juan Thornhill has been amazing! He’s been excellent all year. Rashad Fenton has been good too. And I can’t forget MeCole Hardman or Khalen Saunders, they have been fabulous as well. The draft class of the Chiefs have all contributed to the teams success this year.

Stevone Capone

The west not enough… we want the superbowl

    Derek Mathews

    Stevone Capone, damn right.

Bobby Parks

Drew lock the Antichrist

Micah Hayes

Just heard a stat that Watkins ain’t got a TD since wk1 when he went off w/ 3tds. Gotta step your game up bruh. Now is the time.

    Derek Mathews

    Micah Hayes, he definitely needs to step up.

Cory Sheda

The Chiefs will blow it in the playoffs like always

    Derek Mathews

    Cory Sheda, says the guy whose team hasn’t been in the playoffs for four years. Do yourself a favor, forget that Super Bowl you won in 2015 because all the players on that team are gone! You aren’t even the same team.

    Cory Sheda

    I have moved on and at least my Broncos can win a Super Bowl

Derek Mathews

Loved that Chiefs moment when the Chiefs beat the Broncos in their house. Loved seeing Joe Montana and the Chiefs stick it to the Broncos in their house. That was an amazing win, and everything.

Hugh Jass

I’m a broncos fan, but if there was a team I wanted in the Superbowl it would be the chiefs(since my horses are already out) or ravens

Chris Alejandre

Sleeping on the Broncos

Breakglass Dawkins

Undefeated!!!! Let’s go Chiefs

black/white cookie

Kansas City Chiefs like💪🔥💪🔥💪🔥💪🔥🐘

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