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Inside Look at How Rams Updated Practice Facility Can Help Prevent Spread of COVID-19

The Rams have installed automatic doors, sanitization stations, and foot handles to their practice facility in Thousand Oaks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and keep players, coaches, and staff as safe as possible.

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Not KDH Reply

Rams house!!+

    Kaimana Kaheaku-Enhada Reply


Kaimana Kaheaku-Enhada Reply

Who’s house!!??

    joeaquinn.28 Reply

    Rams House!!!!

C L Reply

Fans may not get into the stadium till there’s a vaccine, but yall stay in shape!

Marco Murillo Reply

Change the logo

Noah Goat Reply


    dc chilin Reply

    They’re not going to stfu

    layupzz Reply

    dc chilin they need to

Supreme x Corona Reply

I want the old logo back

J B Reply

that La charger mask ain’t gonna cut it

Erik Stfu Reply

Rams for life

Frederick Wertella Reply

Did you change the Stupid logo & uniforms yet?

Tim Vu Reply

Thumbnail looks like Keegan

Santiago El Luigi Reply

We Need Back The 2017 Or 2000 Rams Logo

Boss of the Bosses Reply

My history as a human species extends beyond *10k years!* I would be extinct by now if it was ever possible for me to catch a disease by merely coming in close contact with another person 😂. You’re gonna have to do a little more than breathe on me to get me ill.

We’re not that vulnerable as a species.. More resilient due to our *immune system.* Plus Dr Sebi says we get sick from the inside out, so dont inject me with anything or feed me poison.


Boss of the Bosses Reply

Whenever you can get over 1 million ppl to wear a mask simultaneously thats called *social engineering.* 😆

Chevy Avila Reply

Crazy to think what it cost to run a professional sports team

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