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This game obviously won’t be as lopsided as the 2011 matchup but the Colts have lost 5 of 6 and now they get a pissed off Saints team fighting for a first round bye. This one could be a big time blowout.

Doc Brown

Colts 24
Saints 38

    Tj Robertson

    Saints win big 49-7

    Jay C

    No way the Colts put up that against this Saints team right now on a get right game after a monster game at home last week. I say Saints 35, Colts 13

    Eugene Rollins

    @Tj Robertson 21-27 Saints win.

Joe Burrow Highlights

Brees has simply been amazing, at the pace he has been playing at this year he would an mvp front runner, consistently throwing 300 yards and at least 3 touchdowns every game and had 6 touchdowns against the #1 defense last week.

Edit: mvp front runner if he wasn’t injured

    Oliver McCall

    It’s a shame he never won one when lesser players like Cam Newton and Matt Ryan won, he’s probably gonna break the TD record this game

    luke wilson

    he’s the best qb of all time what do you expect. i just hope he comes back for 2 to 3 more years bc we need him. I’d be personally willing to pay more in taxes if we resign him lol

Stan ezen

10-3 Aints clash with the Luck-less Colts who just got thrashed by Bucs on Sunday. Oooo boy. Who wins? My take?:….

Saints: 37⚜️

Colts: 26

    Jay C

    You correct that “Aints” crap right now, boy!


Interesting game. This should be an offense matchup. But my saints win 47-40

    Tj Robertson

    49-10 saints win

    Jay C

    No way the Colts put up that kind of points against a healthy Saints D.

    Eugene Rollins

    Neither team will score that many points but Saints win in a close game.

    Sam Starr

    Jay C i wouldn’t say the saints are healthy being that they just lost two key D lineman

    Jay C

    @Sam Starr The secondary is in good shape and only the 49’ers have put up 40+ this year and only because they have a beast defense and running game.

Stan ezen


Brissett(25/34 259 yards 2 TDs 1 INT)
Brees(31/42 327 yds 4 TDs)

Mack(92 yds 1 TD)
Kamara(77 yds 1 TD)

Hilton(63yds 1 TD)
Thomas(82yds 1 TD)

4 sacks, Saints
2 sacks, Colts

Stan ezen

Colts finish 7-9

Saints finish 12-4

    Who Dat so brazy

    Stan ezen 13-3*

Who Dat so brazy

We coming back stronger harder 💪🏾⚜️⚜️

Jeffery Robertson

Colts beat Saints 45 – 35 Indianapolis Colts was member AFC East Division from 1970 through 1993 and New Orleans Saints was member NFC West Division from 1970 through 1993 era

    Jay C

    Colts put up 45 points? lol. OK.

ThatOneGuy 123

Saints win 34-20. Colts are all but done.

luke wilson

kiko alonso will stick his horse d$$$ into the colts offense

    Jay C

    BAHHAHAHA. You know that’s right.

    luke wilson

    @Jay C yup. also, we need to start nick easton over peat. i sincerely hope payton has that down already…

Patriots 4life

Saints win 31-17
Or 34-31

Ty Dabeast

Saints are coming off a tough loss colts receivers are injured home game for the saints on prime time brees set to break a record saints win by 7



Breezy Brees

Saints win 37-17 and Brees breaks the touchdown record

Fucker Productions

We want that smoke!!

TF you lookin at

As a saints fan idk, we lost Davenport and rankins smh i expect Mack to run all over our defense with so many injuries but nonetheless it will be a good game

Mark Symbala

Colts 4 saints 2

Curtis 23

Saints 24
Colts 10

Jerry Pore Jr.

Tough loss, but the Saints will rebound.

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