“I’m Very Fond of My Time in Buffalo” | Terrell Owens Joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“I’m Very Fond of My Time in Buffalo” | Terrell Owens Joins One Bills Live

Pro Football Hall of Fame WR Terrell Owens joined One Bills Live on January 29, 2020. He discussed what he expects to see leading up to Super Bowl LIV, his performance playing in Super Bowl XXXIX after a broken leg, and his fond memories of playing with the Bills in 2009.

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Dominik Doljac

We need someone like T.O to fulfill our wide reciever spot

    Jonathan Byrne

    If we got a TO like we did that year… Holy cow just watch out

    Jungle Jesus609

    it would be nice if we hired him as a Wr coach

    Dominik Doljac

    @Jungle Jesus609 fax

Poetic Nation

Terrell Owens is a dope player. Respect what he brought to the game on the field.



    Poetic Nation

    @Bazooka Yes dope! Dude had SERIOUS skills on the field.

    David Kelly

    @Poetic Nation – A couple of my buddies are dopes…dumb as hell! LOL

    Poetic Nation

    @David Kelly Lmao! Nice one (I’m from NYC, so “dope” is a common term for something (or someone) that’s amazing – I guess it’s recognized as amazing all of the world, lol).

Patty Nielsen

I just saw him on another sports talk show, he’s so handsome. Glad he’s having fun and stays active.

Beau Christensen

I love TO! One of my favorite wide outs.

Gerald Scott

Still wear his #81 jersey. T.O. was one of my favorite players, regardless of only spending a year with Buffalo. He holds the Bills record for his 98 yd reception td from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not a record I see broken for a long time, if ever.


Love TO

L.J. Wolf

Love T.O.!

Jonathan Byrne

TO gets a bad rap and I don’t understand it. I love TO and he’s guilty of just caring too much.

    Jonathan Byrne

    And knowing his worth

Chris Weiser

Love T.O.


I was there in Chattanooga when he gave his HoF speech!

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