Ian Rapoport Details OBJ’s Successful Core Surgery | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Hope you feel better OBJ, positive vibes ♥️💯

Dieon Crosby

that’s good 🙏🏽

Jason Pintur

Trade him go Browns

    Ryan Voneman

    Jason Pintur are you an idiot why would we do that. You ain’t no Cleveland Browns fan just a wannabe

    Henry The Rat Terrier

    I hope we can at least get a 2nd for him dude is just too immature

Austin Miller

That is very good news I hope you feel better Odell Beckham Jr I hope to get your autograph this year hopefully we can get in the playoffs this season in head coach Kevin stefanski’s first year as our head coach get well soon OBJ 💪☺️♥️


    Let’s go Dawgs!!!

    Austin Miller

    @Football626 to you I say go browns go Dawgs and dawg check

Ryan Voneman

Get Well OBJ my prayers and hopes for a quick recovery and a crazy 2020 season where you belong here in Cleveland,Ohio

    The One & Only

    Ryan Voneman second that.


Hope you get better soon OBJ!!! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the Dawgs next season!!!

Rene Aguilar

Go Browns

Chris Brant


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