Ian Rapoport, Dante Hall & More Talk Chiefs & Super Bowl LIV w/ BJ Kissel from Radio Row – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ant Queen

#82 Dante Hall the true X Factor. Go chiefs!

    Quincy Gaming

    Does he work for the chiefs now?

    Libertarian Wolf

    Quincy Gaming I don’t think in any official role. However, once a Chief, always Chief.

    John Carter

    @Quincy Gaming
    That’s what I would like to know, too.

Michael Stevens

Chiefs winning the super bowl!!!! Got to many assassins that like to execute!😎😎😎

Joshua Brown

Can I watch the super bowl on this channel right

    Quincy Gaming

    Nah. Only on TV

samson gersing

CHIEFS Kingdom–>baby!!!

Terry McBride

Couldn’t imagine the frustration the 2007 Giants felt going into their Super bowl until today, Nobody is giving this team a Chance.

Terry McBride

Did anyone know Lawrence Taylor and Derrick Thomas “R.I.P.”
Will be lining up for San Francisco Sunday?
Eric Fisher must gift Nick Bosa his welcome to the NFL Moments!

    John Carter

    I think the so-called experts are expecting the 85 Bears with Mike Singletary and Richard Dent wrecking havoc.


You have to mic up Patrick Mahomes for the Super Bowl please

Libertarian Wolf

I agree. I think the Honey Badger should get the MVP.

Copper Head

Honey Badger 👍❤️
You know every time he was standing of a Titan he was yelling
“Not in my house” 🦡

bubba bug

I hope chiefs win. Sf is such a well rounded team

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