‘I see a kid that’s got a lot of confidence’ | CBS’ Dan Fouts discusses Drew Lock, previews #DENvsKC – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Yk_Kingdee2k Yt

Bronco Nation🐎💪

    Dakota Whitehouse

    Broncos Country*

P.M. Productions

Bro sick man he is gonna win it for us!.

Ed Wallace

I love the broncos 🧡💙🐴 let’s beat the chiefs

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere


Joser Boi

We gotta have this game 8 straight losses to the chiefs we gotta get this Win

Jaydon King

Let’s beat them chiefs do yall notice that now Drew lock is getting Noah fant involved a lot ..I hope we can keep the momentum uppp

    See Yourself Happy

    Tight Ends are safety nets to a QB, so at the very least he is making good decisions…..

stool YT



Marcus M.

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

Mark Twain

Major Tom

No need for Drew Lock & the boys to really run up the score on the Chiefs on Sunday, Broncos 41 Chiefs 24 ? Save some of your energy for the post game block party at the Lock house !

    Jerome Schulze

    More like chiefs 41-20

    Major Tom

    @Jerome Schulze Please cancel J Schulze’s invitation to the Lock’s block party celebration, thank you !

Jerome Schulze

Lock is not the future!!


    @Jerome Schulze 🤡

    Michael Blackson

    Jerome Schulze what if he is? Does that mean you will go away?

    Jerome Schulze

    @Broncos Country looks like im right..lock is trash!!

    Jerome Schulze

    @Binx Negale looks like im right.. Told u lock is trash.. Denver is trash..new playoffa were done!!

    Binx Negale

    @Jerome Schulze new playoff hahaha yeah what u expect its his 3rd game. An why u even talking now. We didnt see u commenting after texans game lol

Jerome Schulze

Chiefs 41 -20


    Jerome Schulze i didn’t know chiefs fans subscribe to the broncos youtube


He passes to tight ends he cant lose !!Sutton doesn’t have the pressure of double team so much!! We get or make 1 or 2 receivers the offense is unbelievably deep, The run game is good and we have receiving backs so now Denver can be creative now!!

Tony Flamingo


Bobby Parks

Drew lock is the Antichrist



Major Tom

Reporter : One more thing, the Denver Bronco’s VICTORY celebration BLOCK party tonight at Drew Lock’s house is limited to the Team & Staff, Residents of Lee’s Summit, Columbia, St. Louis, Mizzou Alumni, Bronco Country & Bronco Nation, Dan Fouts & the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS CHEERLEADERS . Free BBQ, Beer, Cheetos & Ganja, Fireworks at Midnight !

David Oaxaca

Let’s goooooooo 3 in a row baby!!!!

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