HUGE 66-Yd Derrick Henry Run Sets Up Trick TD Pass! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derrick Henry on fire bro 🔥


    Jack Choi ayyyy my man Jackkkk

    Jack Choi

    @DaBoss101 aayy sheel

    Mo Fuggar

    Nobody told me that bulldozer had a V12 but ok

    Methods of Magic

    Running to the Superbowl

    Kent Woods

    We’re are all the Ravens fans that was talking all that smack about how bad they would blow the Titans out. Superbowl is all I’m going to say

Sid Cännøn

What is this man on


    The tears of front runners.

    Mackin Shizzaveli420

    Cornbread and collards

    Jive Ass Turkey

    Built By Bama

Phantom Cyborg

Derrick Henry>Lamar Jackson. Hand me Ws.

    Luke Leo

    @Dark thoughts cry me a river

    Imitation Sponge

    @Just A Black Atheist The irony behind your username and your comment lol

    Just A Black Atheist

    @Imitation Sponge I’m not superstitious or anything but I do see a correlation with the MVP award and not winning the Super Bowl in the same season. Just like after being featured on the Madden, usually the player has a “down” year the following season.

Erik L

Henry is a BAAAAAAAAD man!!!

    Carolina Howard

    Erik L 1000% 💪🏾

    That guy Alan

    I’ve posted all the highlights that have happened check it out

    Seon Cantrell


    David Eutsler


    Stoned Okie Solutions Llc
    I’m making a strain after him
    Packers fan!!!

Ricardo Masvidal

Anybody else still wanna take Lamar over Russell Wilson for MVP? How bout Derrick Henry for MVP!


    Kyle Woodowens threw 2 tds on short fields 😂😂 plus he’s not even doing anything Derrick Henry doing all the work


    Imma take Gearge Kittle for mvp

    Just A Black Atheist

    Ricardo Masvidal If Derrick Henry runs for 2,000 yards next season, I can see him doing that, then he’ll probably win MVP. I’m a Ravens fan too. Lamar had a better year, Russell Wilson is the better technical quarterback.

    Daylen Young

    @522eds Yea, one bad game when it mattered most. Doesn’t matter how good you are in the regular season, still gotta perform in the playoffs.


    Just like the 16-0 Mvp that lost SupeBowl.  Where do you ppl come from. My statement is as logical and rational as they come.  Get out of your feelings.

Andres Uribe

Where’s your MVP now, cause i see Derrick Henry and the Titans

    Ryan Kennedy

    @Andres Uribe Lamar had the best year out of anyone in the league. CMC and Thomas are extraordinary, too. I’m not even a ravens fan so shout out to you having respect for Lamar. Best of luck for the Titans

    Andres Uribe

    @Ryan Kennedy and im a hawks fan, not a titans fan if you assumed i was from your first comment

    Ryan Kennedy

    @Andres Uribe so we can agree, Lamar regular season MVP and Henry playoff MVP (so far). Also, as an eagles fan I wish you luck against the packers

    Andres Uribe

    @Ryan Kennedy isnt that what i just said?

    Ryan Kennedy

    @Andres Uribe it literally isn’t but ok


Derek Henry coming out party this playoffs as one of the best RB in NFL

    Millmoor Michael

    Been most impressed with Henry & McCaffrey this season.

    Demaryius Thomas

    Henry is the best back this year by far. CMC is a monster but I do not see him getting 180+ rushing yards 3 games in a row. He’s a receiving back and Henry is a traditional back. Henry is the most dominant back since Lynch or even Peterson

    matt matt

    The dude is literally carrying this team the qb is throwing for like 80 yards a game they know he is getting the ball and he is just running people over if they do win it all this may be one of the best postseason performances I have ever seen from a player I am impressed.

    Zac Rubal

    King Ky96 I’m a packer fan. And if you’re saying you would rather have Aaron Jones then Derick Henry. You just don’t watch football obviously.

    Jesse Edwards

    King Ky96 he tied rushing with Derrick Henry


Bruh this is so tuff😭😭😭man Henry hit em wit a jumpshot😂

    That guy Alan

    kris_flacco I post all the highlights of the games

    Dead FromRio

    Henry the goat


    bruh hit him with the jumpshot LMAO

    Stoned Okie Solutions Llc

    Ballin- jim jones hell of a play maker!!
    Great play call!

LeBron's Haters Cry Everyday and We Love It

ravens choked even harder compared to the Patriots.

    Stoned Okie Solutions Llc

    @LeBron’s Haters Cry Everyday and We Love It now fanboy of lebron or Jordan still a fanboy!!
    Love thyself brother be proud of yourself!!

    Ehm Ee

    you must not have ever played sports because theres no such thing as a good or bad loss. Simply put, a loss is a flippin loss. LETS GO OILERS!!!

    Tropic Mix

    @LeBron’s Haters Cry Everyday and We Love It and your account is named after him, definitely not biased at all.

    Jesse Ajuda

    The titans are just good

    Andrew Ongais

    Check out Henry’s stats for yesterday.
    205 yards total offense. 0 fumbles. 1 td pass. 0 interceptions.
    Who was MVP yesterday?

    Ravens didn’t choke. They got beat by a red hot back playing for a tough team.

Xander Roberts

So much for the Ravens season to go to the Super Bowl

Alonzo Cuevas Jr

Ravens nation humbled after today lol

    Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3


    That guy Alan

    I’ve posted all the highlights that have happened


    I want to know who they beat besides the 49rs ?

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    FIT NESS I hate the Ravens but pretending they didn’t beat anyone good? Come on. Texans, 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots….


damn bruh. hate to say it but the ravens takin a Big L

Uneek Flow35

Tennessee Titans is doing Number on the Baltimore Ravens —-

    That guy Alan

    I’ve posted all the highlights check it out


    They are. The Titans are the real deal. Ironic, it reminds me of my 2013 Ravens. Shame to be on this side of adversity.

    Tainted Nimbus

    @MarloSoBalJr They remind me more of the 2011 Giants.
    I just hope they continue to be like that team.


*Mariotta gets put in game*
Vrabel: “Ah yeah, Henry’s throwing the pass.”

    L G R W

    Coment of the year


    Mariota: Am I Joke To You?

    Pace Beazy

    This play will be on again next game or in Miami. Lessgooooo titans

    SomebadCandy 933

    reminds me of the old MW3 Juggernaut medal “I make a good distraction”

    Diego Mendoza

    Bet that Mariota won’t be on the team next year

Early REED

Skip Bayless called a upset…..and jus told my co-worker be careful cuz you gotta deal wit Henry….smdh.

That Raiders Fan

Derrick Henry is a straight up beast he gonna get his 💰💰💰


    That Raiders Fan ongggg

    Opposite George

    hell yea


    Titans got to pay him now, or trust me he has his pick to go to any team.

    Jive Ass Turkey

    That Raiders Fan he’s one of those “Built By Bama” backs. You ought to know all about those, you have Josh Jacobs

Squarecrib _

0:20 Mariota misses his one chance to be relavent again

    Ryan Kennedy

    I’m willing to bet he will start elsewhere because of Lamars success. Mariota could be dangerous if hes not forced to be a strictly pocket passer.

G-Dub 85

“But but but but we going to the SB 😭😭😭” – Raven fans 😂


    @Rollie55 oh trust me, there will be excuses. Nobody is going to give the Titans an ounce of credit, even though they were amazing.


    @Corey The Titans played better than the Ravens in all aspects, and deserved it more than they did. They held the MVP and top offence to 6 pts for most of the game, while scoring 28 themselves.

    – Ravens fan

    Ryan Kennedy

    @Mr. Husky bro you can’t even spell stop sharing your opinion

    Moe Snert

    But Lamars stats

LeeTravius Mckay

“Henry has got major speed for a big man” 🏈

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