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Jeff Wingham

Mist be nice to have this type of job for life no matter how bad your performance is, the old man would have fired Elway and his croonies years ago.

rolland mousseaux

i guarantee that there is no defensive coordinator who looks forward to stopping rod smiths wr corp

Matt Combs

When he get the team to 95% white

    Ronald Samples


Kent Borges


Tommy Trask

The offensive play-calling was pathetic last year. The offensive penalties were always drive killers. The defense lived on the field the whole game far too many times! Injuries hobbled the entire team week after week. Toughness has been a HUGE issue since 18 retired. The bottom line is when a man that is 6′ 185 lbs is by FAR the toughest man on the field in orange — you are dinner not the hunter. Also, Bowles cannot comprehend much of anything really, somebody needs to teach him to count to three and take away his helmet if he continues to fight after the play. The guy is a dumpster fire. At least his option got declined. With that said — Lindsay is a badass and our tight ends are made of glass. Toughen up already!! And what’s up with that ugly sweater Elway was wearing?? Somebody needs to explain to him the ‘Team Christmas Party’ is not until December. Good grief Charlie Brown… SMH


🧡💙Go Broncos💙🧡


Alexis Perry is a bright light


Only Von Miller may be affected by the long drought against the Chiefs. It’s us fans that have had to endure it, not the current coaching staff, and not most of the players. So they have no “wearing on your mind” thing apart from maybe wanting the media to no longer talk about it. As far as defensive success is concerned, I think not giving up 7 minute drives should be up there. I’d like to see us lead the league in red zone efficiency again, but also in 3rd down efficiency.

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