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Carlo Vélez

Lets go cowboys
We need the division 🔥🔥

aaron rogers

Cowboys Nation!!!!!

Alex K

Lets have another great performance from Lee and zeek !🏈 and put the don disturb sighn on the door🎴 for the playoffs

ILL eagle Alien

Can’t wait to see this game
Gooooo CowboyS

Steven Pellegrino

Be careful cowboys. The eagles will try to be us. The same way we just beat the Rams. By stopping our run. Cause of Daks shoulder. They will think. If Dak can’t throw. Just stop the run. And Philly wins. Let’s pull out our tricks. Zeke and TP. They never had to deal with TP much with Zeke blocking. Cooper had a extra week of rest last week. With Gallup and Cobb. So let’s ball out. Shut they birds down. Sweep the division!!!💪💪💪💪🤠🤠🤠👍👍👍👍

The List



So that’s what Cooper Rush looks like.

    Chase Dyer

    CMU baby lol. He played ball down the road from me. So did Jeff Heath

Chase Dyer

This is totally un-Garrett like, but I feel like hes playing mind games with Philly, acting like they aren’t going to pass on the worst secondary in the NFL. I think getting played by a couple coaches this year has made him say screw it

Steven Inmon

Cowboys will once again look their usual losing selves in philly

Bryan Chavez

i don’t think the eagles have ever really fazed our boys

Alex GC

Looking stunning Tay 🤤😁

    Chris gone Fishing

    Not really……

Brian Waller

Usually the team that got blown out usually wins the rematch



True Gooner

Ehhh if Cooper Rush is starting… we losing.

Charlie B

Might come down to redheads at QB unless Zeke is fed 4 quarters instead of just the first two

Bill Bates

Legs go Cowboys! ………….er Let’s ; )

JY _ SportsCardGuy

If we’re praying for the Cowboys to win and you’re taking us to Church, glorify the Lord Jesus Christ when you do it.

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