How Keenan Allen Has Earned Three Straight Pro Bowls | Chargers X’s & O’s – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
skull crusher real

Keenan Allen definitely deserve to be in the pro bowl


So then why can’t we win games


    @RMDY JoeThe chargers couldn’t pay his contract but they wanted to keep him. So the chargers just gave him to the raiders.

    RMDY Joe

    @SergePlayzz Makes sense

    SupremeBri Highlights

    Our O-line is also a huge problem

    vashon jones

    Melvin Gordon selfish hold out Derwin James not having surgery on his foot during the off season knowing it was a problem. Tom Telesco not drafting a 1 right tackle. Head coach stubbornness allowing Gordon to start over Austin when he came back. Injuries to key positions to many players with their head in the clouds living off of last year take your pick. Every old school Charger fan knew this was coming just waiting on the purge when players like Bosa elects to go to a winner when the contracts are up🤦🏿‍♂️

Chris Senor

I think Keenan is good but I don’t think he’s shown up completely this season, letting Tyrell go was really bad for rivers and the offense. The DBs have to worry about both Allen and Williams now that we don’t have another WR. We had the best WR group and we gave it up because of Coupon Tom.

    Randy Jones

    Coupon Tom is holding the purse …………….but the Spans Family has control of the purse strings .

    Chris Senor

    Randy Jones not really

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