How George Young REBUILT the Giants | Pro Football Hall of Famer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How George Young REBUILT the Giants | Pro Football Hall of Famer

After a long playoff drought dating back to 1963, The Giants hired George Young in 1979. Within two seasons he chartered a course for the franchise that led them back to the playoffs in 1981. Here is the story of that 1981 playoff team and how George Young rebuilt the team. George Young would go on to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2020

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Shesare Er Villano

So this is actually how Lawrence Taylor REBUILT the Giants.


    well put 🙂 For a while, the video looked like LT’s highlight reel…


    Shesare Er Villano haha so true

    Antonio Nuñez

    Lol Through Fear and Intimidation!!! 🤣🤣

    Ian Lev

    Antonio Nuñez Was way more than LT. Although LT was the major cog

Freedom Ring

can we as Giants fans stop putting George Young on a pedestal for christ’s sake. He drafted LT which was a no brainer. Parcells did the rest. Once Parcells left he hired Ray Handley. Nice going Young.

    Andi amo

    You’re a fucking moron….and typical Giants fan


Too bad we don’t have someone to rebuild the Giants now. Dave Gettleman isn’t the answer that’s for sure

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Scaldwell46 smh fool.


It feels like the team can only win when they are disciplined and willing to listen to a strict coaching staff. Doesn’t matter how talented ,athletic or highly payed, if the players don’t work hard or take things for granted, losing is all they will know.


The answer is easy, get someone on D that can play like Taylor !!!!!


    OpenMindsFreestyle not so easy to do.

    Ian Lev

    Jmf827 it was way more than just LT

byrongammon byrongammon

@4:45…….’Lawrence would be named Defensive Rookie Of the Year’………..What is WRONG with these people!!! Lawrence Taylor was also Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) in BOTH his rookie season AND his sophomore season!!!

He is the ONLY player to achieve this feat and no one has done it since.

Robbie Garnz what happened next? I’m in suspense! Just kidding!


Congratulations Mr.Young….LONG LONG Over Due!!


luis ortiz

I cant wait to get back to tht old school football. Hopefully this young group will blossom into a contender and get things goin in the right direction. GO BIG BLUE!!!!


It really started with the Pisarchik fumble. That was the last straw that led to the hiring of George Young.

Ian Lev

LT was a huge badass. No question- he brought some serious attitude. LT gave them an identity.


Its about Time… Thank You Mr. HOF Young !!!!!!!!!!!!


when the giants had a good owner and gm….wellington mara was a great owner ah his son not so much

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