How Early The Ravens Should Draft a Wide Receiver | #RavensMailbag – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How Early The Ravens Should Draft a Wide Receiver | #RavensMailbag

Is it likely that Ronnie Stanley gets a contract extension this offseason? Should the Ravens concentrate more on adding interior or edge pressure?

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Jefferson would be so perfect for us man


& wide receivers are a need , cmon now … we saw what happened in the playoffs when they needed to show up .

David Daniels

Honestly I want us to shore up our pass rush and O-line before going after another WR, unless CeeDee is available for some reason. Besides, Eric has shown a talent for getting good pass catchers in later rounds.

Sin Fourten

calais campbell would make me freak, absolutely, we must pursue him. Let pierce walk, pursue correa too

Oui Bay

Draft the fastest available player. Reagor will be there or maybe Aiyuk in the first round.

Kai Sommers

Why not just get a good wr in FA??? Like Dez Bryant, or Emanuel Sanders.

    Noble 6

    LMAO Dez a good WR? 😂

    Travon Watson

    I rather aj green

    mr coolc

    @Travon Watson Aj Green always gets injured

    Nate The Great

    Ravens Spot You’d rather have drama?

    Kai Sommers

    @Noble 6 small risk, for high reward

Gary Allen

We should trade up in the 2nd round to get Jalen Raegor.

    D 3

    That would address the KR/PR need as well as WR!

Trillz _

Plz new wr or we gonna keep losing in the playoffs i called it and lamar gonna take the downfall AGAIN for ravens mistakes we always had problems with wr

Vanji Cagahastian

I would say Tee Higgins and Justin Jefferson to the Ravens and we prove dat our offense is the best!!

Cory Reasner

CeeDee Lamb for sure

Lenny Beason

Teams will be trying to stop the TE so we need to upgrade the WR position to try and get as close to unstoppable as possible.

king shark

Draft a wr… lol. Ok , good luck with that, I’m still shaking my head over a full blown 2016 class of wr we totally messed over.

But, ok…. hmmm, are we looking for a 1b with brown, have we given up on boykins, are we scraping young, scott, and Roberts. What’s with all the wr talk.

    Noble 6

    Clearly you didn’t saw Roberts in thw playoffs and if Jaleel was a game changer he already would be a starter, Hollywood is the first “DeCosta” WR and he can win games with his ability and speed

Jalen .12

We should trade up and draft Tee Higgins or CeeDee Lamb

ryan damon

Who’s a free agent

Ravens Spot

We do NOT need receivers, we need a dominant pass rusher, or an inside linebacker because we could not stop Henry

Peyton Love

and yet again my ravens just don’t get it.. how you could watch that playoff game and not realize wide receiver is our biggest hole is beside me.. you need a number 1 wide receiver to win in the post season and hollywood just isn’t a #1.. when playoffs come around they’ll see.. AGAIN

    Lauren Sharp

    Peyton Love but it’s not. And this is the deepest WR class i have ever seen and plenty will fall to the 2nd

    Peyton Love

    Lauren Sharp but it is.. you think we’ll win a super bowl w lamar throwing to willie Snead and Seth Roberts😂and yeah it’s a deep class never said there’s a problem drafting in the second round lol

    Lauren Sharp

    Peyton Love but you act as if WR is our biggest need. We blitz the most in the league but are middle of the pack if not close to the end in actual sacks. We are also closer to the bottom in actual pressure. Yea no. We need a LB or DE more

Eric F. Jr

If he’s there…they MUST draft Tee Higgins in the 1st round. He’d be a perfect compliment to Hollywood & would give Andrews plenty of mismatch opportunities. The rest of the draft & free agency should be focused on the defense.

    Lauren Sharp

    Eric F. Jr no. Just no. WR is a need but not as big as LB. Thats just facts

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