How can the Houston Texans stop Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans again | Extra Points – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
BGI Gang

Hopefully JJ plays


Let’s end these Titans season. Rock boys with Elvis’s return is going to be great to see in the playoffs. Bulls on parade. 🤘🙏🏆



—Raidernation 🏴‍☠️

Vincent Vaughan

WE ARE TEXANS If the titans win I wouldn’t mind unless there is a Fight involving suspensions.

David Jauregui

Let’s go Texans!!!!!!!!

Grady Shields

My player to watch is Keke Coutee. He’s been a healthy scratch for months after the drop-pick against Indianapolis. As a fan, I want to see a breakout game from Keke. He’s been a contributor and provided solid depth. Before we landed Kenny Stills, I thought we were set at the position. And now we’re blessed to have four solid starting-caliber receivers, Duke Johnson as a third down back, a Renaissance year for the tight ends, and a solid offensive line. GM William O’Brien has gone the extra mile to get us the pieces we need to win, especially at CB, Safety, and RB. I liked Martinas Rankin, but for a player like Carlos Hyde… We got a steal and capitalized on it

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