Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans Week 15 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Charles Manson


Doc Brown

Texans 23
Titans 38

    Cole Pratt

    A Steelers dan predicting the Titans to win? Nice! GL, hopefully we win the division so we don’t have to worry about you

Slim Papi

Titans 63 Texans 0

    Cristian Elvis

    @Slim Pali lol that would be amazing #TitanUp 💪

    Drafty Galaxy

    Cristian Elvis in your dreams

D Brown Productions

Good luck to the Texans, looking forward to a battle💪🏾 #TitanUp

    WARZ htx_enrix

    Yall too, i feel like its gonna be a shootout passing game

    Damian Avalos

    Texans ftw 🤘🏼


    D Brown Productions good luck to you guys to

Dylan Cannon

Oilers wannabes-0

Bud Adams will be looking down on Nissan Stadium Sunday

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Forget the wildcard, Tennessee is going after the division

Cristian Elvis

Prediction 24-17 Titans win 💪#TitanUp

jake scott

HOU 27 TENN 24

Fabian Ramirez

Titans win 31-24

Patriots 4life

Titans win 31-17


Titans 37-30


Again start 17 and run Henry we get the dub 28-17

Travis Stoudt

Titans all the way

Steve Polhill

If the Titans score 30+ and win this game The Analysts will still pick the Texans week 17. The Titans put up nearly 40 Points a game and Statistically are better in every phase of the game than the Texans but every week they still pick who ever the Titans are playing to win. Still No Respect!



Tyler Miller

Alright Titans we are on the final stretch, stay humble and TITANUP

Kenneth Ly

Hopefully Texans will bounce back.

Curtis 23

Titans 35
Texans 24

Henry 130 2 tds


Damn this is gonna be a great game.

Sports History

Titans 31-28

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