Hollywood Brown on His Expectations for First Playoff Game | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
2022 Ramon Sauceda



Hollywood want all the smoke from Tennessee 🔥

Sloppy Jo

Let’s go!! 😈😈


Hollyhood ! Hope he breaks a few big plays. Cannot wait for Saturday!

    Greater Good Music Group


    Kenyata Green

    Wat about miles boykins

    Garrett Shultz

    SimplyAS10 ive been anxious and excited all week can’t wait

    Sagirah Jones

    To all ravens fans out there let’s take a stand for our team they need our help

    Sagirah Jones

    The number 1 ravens fan

Smurf Juice22

Can’t wait to see them Hollywood moves💯

Crabbycabbi gaming

He got gravy fries in that microwave?! 😆


    Not a microwave 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

    Crabbycabbi gaming

    I know. It does look like it tho… I know you see that tin foil in there 😆

    Cheri White

    What are gravy dries??? Sorry I live in the Northeast. Thanks.

    Crabbycabbi gaming

    @Cheri White French fries soaked in brown gravy you gotta eat them with a fork

Uriah Duncan

Freaky Quise

Short Bus Pull Up

Hollywood bout that life!!! Flordia boy!!!


I dont think I’ve ever seen a team so connected to God and they all (most) are not afraid to give praise and thanks to HIM for there success……very humble team and grounded

    Michael Green

    poppyhimbo I love to see it too!!

    Nightmare Kilo

    nirbija yea but that also doesn’t give you a right to tell people what they should believe in or not believe in nor disrespect and say it’s “fictional” I suggest u keep your thoughts to yourself on the internet and IN PERSON

    thomas boffman

    As if God cares about which team wins a sporting game.

She's Just A natural

Sweet man! He’s so humble

    Silent Raven

    Wish his cousin was humble just as him

    Maui Waui

    @Xavier Bass right? my Steelers will be killing it right now😭🤦🏽‍♂️

    Erwin Phillips

    @Silent Raven Well enjoy his humbleness,the competition of being a professional sports tend to change people.

Ben Valenzuela

Feels like it’s been forever since they played, imagine the offseason 😩

Christinna's Creations

Omgoodness Hollywood you are so right. Be blessed😇, safe play hard🏈 and have fun 💜!
Luv yah 💕

Sang Nguyen

I hope Lamar Jackson passes to him cause was open in the browns game week 16 and he just needs to run full speed and get multiple touchdowns I highly doubt the titans won’t cover him that much.


Mark Ingram in the background 😂😂😂😂

    Papa Gramps!

    Kloqqye yes he will😂he was literally practicing full speed today and is likely STARTING on Saturday, how have you not seen the reports😂


    Papa Gramps! Exactly lol

    Nightmare Kilo

    Papa Gramps! Not likely HE IS!!


    Papa Gramps! i didn’t see that till an hour ago my bad

    Erwin Phillips

    @Kloqqye It would be good if he does,but even if he doesn’t gus the bus and hill will definitely do the job.Ingram would just be more exciting to see playing.

The Spiritual SmartAss

the energy feels gooooooooood.

Ty Phillips


    Erwin Phillips

    Yeah he caught him in strive deep a couple of times this season.

Michael C.

Hes so cool, if his cousin were so down to earth & laid back!!

Nathan Brown

This game is going to go crazy. Put on for the city go get it.

Amexem Bey

I love his touchdown dances he seems so cool
I cried when he cried at the draft

Tommie Parker

I’m so proud of his production when he’s on the field I can’t wait to see him have a hell of a game Saturday go Ravens 🖤😈🏆

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