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Ryan Schwartze

Respect the STAR!


all they gotta see is that they can BEAT any team in the NFC if they are able to run AND STOP THE RUN

    Saved By Grace

    Y Z they saw it today and I’m sure their confidence has been boosted. And Garrett seems to be doing a good job with the team right now. Overall a good day for a cowboys fan😁

    Asat 85

    Unfortunately theyll get knocked out in the first round of playoffs like always im a hardcore boyz fan and this team hasnt showed any consistency all year up and down another year wasted on the back of amazing talent on our roster as they age one year older and closer to there end what a waste of talent it hurts

    Clarence Yee

    Game shows how much we missed Woods inside the past 3 games.

JaJa Binks

Tyron Smith always behind Jason Garrett


    @Asmodeus You sound and act just like a woman! Have a nice day and dont forget to change your tampon


    laidbacc9 hahaha you act like that’s an insult. Don’t forget to celebrate mediocrity today. 7-7 yesssssss!!!


    laidbacc9 it’s clear you’re the dumbass because you constantly have to edit your comments hahahaha “eNjOy BeInG a LoSeR” says the guy happy to be 7-7 with 2 playoff wins in 9+ years

    PAUL3 Martinez


Don John

Thank God Maher gone

    Aaron Cortez

    @Dazekiel Prelliott you right! I like the new kicker. At least his kicks dont zigzag! I just hope we dont need him next week and just get them TDs

    Dale Denton


    Big BananaCongolese

    Maher is great in madden with that kick power tho 😂

    Aaron Cortez

    @Big BananaCongolese lol

    Doug Galtt

    @Aaron Cortez facts

Yannis Maccabees

Jerry’s face😒 and you’re still gone 😂



    Yannis Maccabees

    Shabazzrgt007 Bazz its the truth…and you’re the type of delusional fan that can’t use common sense to see our coaching staff can’t adjust at halftime or out scheme a winning team

    Yannis Maccabees

    Shabazzrgt007 Bazz glad I’m not delusional and I know the sport very well…And from what I see we are coached very poorly… and yes I can pull some positives from Jason Garrett’s 10 year gig with the Cowboys… JG winning percentage is 557 in 10 years that equals out to an average coach and if you can’t see mediocre in JG then yes you are delusional and part of the problem…. i’m sick of supporting the clapper…and you’re still talking about 2014😂 we never struggled to win our division…the problem is we aren’t winning in the playoffs…what was your excuse for last year… what’s your excuse for the last three weeks we just had…I don’t get excited over division titles anymore I seen that plenty of times We want a Super Bowl

Carlos Juan

how bout dem cowboys dc4l let’s go

Ausie Thompson

“How Bout Them Cowboys ” now on to next week.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Jaguar Warrior

Keep that fire in your hearts. That was a game with INTENSITY! Great game, Good WIN!

Renan Gonzalez


Get ready to Win in Philadelphia.


Go ALL the way ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️


Now i can listen to Dak post-game and others. It feels right when they win and win big.

    Christ Cathedral Ministries


    Haise _

    Yes sir


Maher was holding the team back 😂

    Andy Carranza

    @JustGetItDoneBro that maybe true, but that also means, we missed 10 possessions to score a touchdown

    Yak FN

    @NormanRockswell tf are u Even in the comments for😂

    David Meador

    APJ yes Maher was bad but he is not the one that was down by 7 late in a game inside the 10 and decide to kick a field goal to loose by 4 I am sorry that is on the coach he was not the one that didn’t no to play up on a kick off due to the wind or. Or know where to line up on a punt with no punt returner that’s on the other player and the coach it was a team effort for them loosing not just one player what about not running the ball that is on the coach also

    Push Pronto

    Maher was missing kicks on the 35, 30… pivotal points. Garret gone go too tho

Ederidge AG

Glad for Dallas to finally get back at the winning side.

Corey Cheadle

You guys make enough money to always have yalls minds right, y’all need to get angry and tough, cause damn y’all have all the talent in the world


    Wrong. The fans overrate the talent. We aren’t that good.


    NormanRockswell wrong

Ricky Garcia

Garrett still has to go…. Jerry Jones looks like he is about to dry out soon… looks like Dallas will be back in shape by 2025….

J. Won

Ten years. Still want Garrett gone.

    Jarae Williams


    Brilliant Hooligans

    I don’t think our opinions matter.

Ahmed Chaibi



This team is such a mystery. They will be for real when they take care of the EAGLE’S. That was a good football team they just defeated. And beat them soundly. Nice to see the kicker doing his job. Well done Kai.

    Linda Easley

    EXACTLY .We’ve been fooled before .The October Eagles game for instance

Precious 1962



    Exactly !

    Asat 85

    Hes gotta put batteries in his jason “remote” garrett there getting low after the game

Ryan Cross

Great job Jerry Jones , you played good too.. can’t that guy just leave 😂😂😂

    Infinite XVII

    Ryan Cross sheesh I thought I wasn’t the only one who notices , he gets on my nerves , old man always wants to be in the limelight , and take credit for everything , can’t stand him tbh ! You see the way he claps in the booth ? It’s creepy as hell . We won’t go anywhere with him as a GM cause of his stupid Ego

Joel Correa

Jason “it started on Monday” Garrett.

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