Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 16 Wednesday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 16 Wednesday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Wednesday during week 16 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Caeleb Suwyn

First like, first comment. Go Hawks


    Caeleb Suwyn what do you get for that?

    Caeleb Suwyn

    @DMCnothing, I just thought it was cool.


    Caeleb Suwyn oh I thought it was a contest or something

    Brennan H

    Caeleb Suwyn no your not😂😂

    Kevin Fossen


Shanna Smith

Go Hawks

Brian Koski

Yup, don’t take these Cardinals lightly. Their picking up the pace!

    Skoden Fineden

    take no prisoners! play smart play hard..

Chris Cantillas

Go hawks again!

Charles Harrison

Coach Carroll is a great leader. Go Hawks!

Seahawks Fan

Let’s go get this win go hawks

Art Wolff

Focus. Protect Russell . Give the three solid seconds he needs to pass . Defense don’t relax now.

Tim Bartsch

Hey guys go Seahawks and Happy Holidays


Calling a 13–3 game at half, then we comeback and barely win with 1 point and give seahawks twitter heart attacks

    shane nelson

    Good guess haha nobody will be suprised

Mike Klar

Is Ursua going to play this Sunday


    He played 2 offensive snaps against The Panthers. Gordon Release might increase His chances 😜

Nya Pope

Thx for the question about fly sweeps

Joey Herrera

Start fast, end strong let’s go Seahawks


Hope Dakota Watson can help us a lot

    Elana Mccullum


Timothy Miller

Does anyone know who the female reporter is? Week in and week out, she has the most intelligent questions….

    William Estevez

    Timothy Miller I’m pretty sure it’s Jen Mueller


If the Seahawks can’t stay consistent on defense this week……
Ken Norton has to go…….and let’s hope the Falcons don’t finish off the season too well so we can get Dan Quinn back!

    Alan Mazzucchelli

    xivanjx ,Amen!!!

    Frederick Jacobson

    Been saying this since like week 3 lol. Unfortunately, the Falcons owner has stated that he does not intend to part ways with Quinn.

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Frederick Jacobson Arthur Blank is making a bad decision right now smh. Dan Quinn is garbage everywhere he goes, but he’s not trash on our squad because he has a connection to our defense.

Jacob Hawes

13-3 and take the division

Azariah Seer

It is not a healthy approach to “love close games”…. let’s get out of this mindset ASAP -_______- instead of “hoping” to take more control and play more aggressive which leads to winning by more, let’s believe in our guys and organization and do it! Right out of the opening gates, instead of saying to our opponent “hey, here you go, get off to a good head start against us so we can play catch up from behind”. We are CAPABLE of more. Go HAWKS! 💚


    Close games are good come playoffs. Majority of all playoffs are close and the hawks will be prepared to grind it out until the end.

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seahawks and let’s go beat the Cardinals let’s go all the way to the super bowl this year and win it let’s go Russell Wilson!!!



Mihai Grigoras

I really hope we won’t get sloppy now and keep the good luck we have had this season. Go Hawks!

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