Harold Carmichael’s Ultimate Hall of Fame Career Highlights | Philadelphia Eagles – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Midnight Green Sabbath

Congratulations Harold

Mike Fagan

That’s what we need now.
Speed, size, and soft hands.
Congrats to Harold Charmichael
It’s about time!

    Zahir Lovejoy

    Mike Fagan Alshon needs to take notes




Long overdue, but well deserved. Congratulations Harold Carmichael!!! 💚🦅🏈

MG Itznasgaming

The most underrated eagle player well deserved

Doctor Danger

He makes those grown men look like high school kids

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

Congradz wow amazing I didn’t know we have tallest dude in history …..
HOF Definitely


    Tallest Wide receiver* in nfl history, not the tallest ever to play tho

Toasted Cheeseburger

Congrats Harold Carmichael You Definitely Belong In The Hall Of Fame 💚 EAGLES FOR LIFE 💚

Flippin’ Loud

Coulda picked out a better song for this legend but I’ll overlook that for now lol

Brent Jones


Ali Aashour

Mike Quick and Harold Carmichael can be signed tomorrow and will probably be the best Receivers on the team

philly_ sports

Well deserved and should have happened decades earlier.


I had seasons tickets in the’70s and saw a lot of him. He was unbelievable. He made an end zone catch on a Cowboys all-pro DB whose name I can’t remember in which he just ripped the ball out of the guy’s hands hands for a TD. The guy was completely stunned.

Isee U

Alshon Jeffery should be the last player to ever wear #17. Eagles need to put that number away forever!! Congrats to HC!!


Howie sign him up! He could probably get it done better than most of the bums we got.

Fly Eagles Fly 🦅

LEGO Boy Fanatic

I love it

Brittany Garrison

Ok now Alshon has to give it up. Ridiculous that he already has it.

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