Hangin’ with the Boys: We Could’ve Avoided This | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: We Could’ve Avoided This | Dallas Cowboys 2019

If they’d just taken care of business earlier in the season (the Jets!), we wouldn’t be in this mess. Now, can Dak make the throws? Is Rush ready? The boys talk Cowboys/Eagles, Nate’s birthday and donuts. Plus, Mama Gross calls in!

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Louis Johnson

Let me give it to the ‘Boys’ this is the show!

Alamo Kid

Happy Birthday Nate!!

Louis Johnson

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Nate! God bless!

Louis Johnson

No, I wouldn’t, because Dak can hurt the team, if he can’t throw effectively,I think Cooper Rush can get the job done.

Louis Johnson

I saw a report that ‘Dak’ can’t injured the shoulder no more then it has already been.

Louis Johnson

Yeh, Jesse, Dak aint 40 either.

Louis Johnson

however, I understand that he is playing with grown men, yet at the same time he knows his body and what it can take.

Akim Smith

Where you get that cowboys 🎅 hat?? 🤔

David2lj david2lj

It all depends on how bad the injury is. Another question is this an injury that needs time to heal or is it an injury that he is just going to have to deal with? When it comes down to it though, if Dak can play better then put him in.

Darren Deiter

Happy birthday nate

lisa colon

Happy birthday Cowboy Nate, yea Jess it is a business that’s why JJ is so upset but I know our boys will win my QB will get paid,…

Jaguar Warrior

I’ve got a Cowboy Star high above my Christmas tree.🎄 Cowboys rise high and take first! This game is a battle for first, Eagles fly out and drop. The skies belong to the Stars! Cowboys Fight for First!!!

Rmf 22

I could tell by the title of the show that Jesse was back today lol..I mean look, yeah, I agree with Jesse %1000 about letting games slip away that lead to this very situation..HOWEVER my guy, its over..those games are gone..u simply can not change the past..period..so all that matters is that ur team gets hot at the right time..why do we keep harping on stuff that nobody can do anything about? the only thing this team can do is win the games in front of them from this point on..sure it would’ve been great had we not lost to the Jets or whoever u wanna name but its history now..just win Sunday and we can be on a roll with this team already having a playoff mentality and getting hot at the perfect time..no point in crying over games that are in the history books

Rmf 22

Dak’s shoulder is a blessing imo..like last week we pounded the Rams into submission and used quick passes and screens while keeping our defense off the field and shortening the game..that’s who we are..use some double TE sets, use some FB, use Zeke and Pollard together, some misdirection and screens and quick passes, and let’s just see if Philly is up to the task of stopping the run all game long..we’ve never needed Dak to throw 40x every game to win..we’re built to run teams over and Dak to make plays off of that whenever they present themselves..stop getting fancy and just run Philly over


I was baptised in the kool-aide, Happy Birthday Nate!!!!! #61 is the shizzo!!!!!

Barry Payton

This show by far is my favorite show. Jesse goes in deep. Keeps it real for the fans that want to know it all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information. Respect from New Orleans.

Han Nguyen

I like this show but absolutely not in this episode! Nate and Jesse i dont get what you”ll saying !!! Well Jessica don’t you remember Tony beat The Niners with punctual lung , Jason witten play with wire shut his jaw and play on just 3 days after broke his jaw !!!??? So zaz ,Tyron ,la’el ,cooper and all other playing hurt but Dak don’t have to play ? And so because we could have won more game but we didn’t and now just sit Dak play backup and to hell with the season on the line ??? Jessica you are selfish jerk that why you no longer play !

Steven Pringle

Nate protecting Jesse like a lil brother. Don’y say too much.

Happy Socks Presents

Jesse Holly needs to be fired. He keeps starting fights with Nate Newton and trying to correct him for the slightest infraction. Jesse Holly is a bully.


all honest

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