Hangin’ with the Boys: Take ‘Em Off The Field | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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PackingMessyCans Reply

Yeah this the video I wait for 😌 gotta hear what Nate and Jesse gonna say today.

Alex Gonzalez Reply


Kevynn Joseph Reply

Nate, imma need you to wear that shirt erry day. lol. He and Jesse really broke it down to the core.

phillip swan Reply

Great show guys. Nate brought it today.

R B Reply

Thanks guys this is one of the Best shows I have listened too. Love you guys! It is the coaching its time to move on. Jessie and nate nailed everything!

James Stricklin Reply

Caller: What type of coach do we need?
Cast response: good question, but ask again in January, because we’re not ready for that yet.
Few minutes later….
Jessy Holly: What type of coach do we need for this type of team?
Crew: Man, hmmm, where to begin? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

liz Dunaway Reply

Yes!!! I agree with Jesse,and Nate!!! Good points

Stonehall Studios Reply

You dont need a personality type for a head coach, you need a guy that has a plan when the original plan gets thrown off course. That’s why they’re getting blown out in the early part of games

Calvin Adams Reply

Player substitution been a coaching problem for years.

James Stricklin Reply

They bought the fire this show!!

jarjon76 Reply

The problem is Jerry. He’s been here the whole time and ever since Jimmy left this team has accomplished very little. Yes Garrett needs to go, but will things really change with Jerry at the helm? I say no.

Robert Hernandez Reply

Been thinking about that first place schedule for 2 weeks where these guys been.

gdubb 1228 Reply

Kris Richard has become Marinelli scapegoat …..nobody talks about Marinelli smh

Chuck P Reply

jerry jones is the cancer of this organization point blank. until this guy dies, the cowboys will continue to be bottom feeders.

jsh0822 Reply

Best cowboys show, no need to even watch Talkin Cowboys now.

    marchetta67 Reply

    Yep! I stopped watching TC once Jesse was added to this show. This is all I watch now. πŸ™‚

Rafael Garza Reply

Great show Gents

marchetta67 Reply

Jesse needs his own show!

The Doctor Reply

Lol”good question,wrong time” Let’s talk about it for the whole show! Lol

lazmaniandevil Reply

If they fire jessie, im tuning out

Blair Beardsley Reply

I think we should bring Parcels back with walker and all even throw in two new tennis 🎾 balls for his walker!

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