Hangin’ with the Boys: Nobody Ever Wants To Lose | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jennifer Costello

I love the cowboys

Jordan K

Zeek can’t Skeet?

Lorenthian Mumphery

I love the cowboys

Antonnio B

What happened to Brian Broadus?

    Eric Hagan

    @Henry Hill
    Was that on live when this argument happened?

    Henry Hill

    @Eric Hagan I’m not sure. Just what I heard

    Exzavier Sheffield

    Not true he’s on 105.3 the fan time slot the other guys are gonna work on ESPN radio show and 2020 so he will have the pre and post show.

    Eric Hagan

    @Exzavier Sheffield
    Ok Thank you for telling me this did not know that I live in Northern Virginia and I subscribe to the shows down there so have no clue about what goes on.

    Henry Hill

    @Exzavier Sheffield yes he is but he got into with Mickey had enough

tre phillips

“You tellin me my boy zeke can’t SKEET?!!” 😂

    PortcityCowboy 85


Brett WB

What’s going to determine Dallas’s fate is how well and fast can they make adjustments? Zeke did an amazing job. But, what happens if another Vikings type game occurs where they completely shut down the run? Can Dallas quickly make adjustments? I’m not sure.

Louis Johnson

Shannon, I am with bringing Garrett back, if the Cowboys get to the NFC championship game win or lose.

Warren Bowden

Wtf was Nate on today smh


    Big Nate, probably high..

    Joseph Andrada


Mystery Man

Yes Sir” Hang in there with the Boys … And never switch sides. Stick together” CowboysUnity

Rmf 22

I’m not a big Garrett fan..but let’s use some common sense..u can’t say its Garrett’s responsibility to have this team hyped to play, blame Garrett when we come out flat or underperform, but then refuse to give Garrett credit when this team comes out and destroys a good football team..if Garrett has the ability to effect how this team loses, then he’s got the ability to effect how we win..idk how u can separate those 2 things..

Tony Mungro

Nate u should patton the phase ” i tell people”


Something to think about is that from what I looked up it seems Maher cost the Cowboys 2 wins. Maybe more but I see 2 for sure. If that weren’t an issue the Cowboys would be 9-5 right now.

Joseph Andrada

Gotta have a beer with shannon one day lmao. This is becoming my favorite show over the rest. Talking cowboys is trash now. Break is cool because everyone’s younger in age.

lisa colon

I am with you Nate for life


What these guys above, don’t have any inclination how college just isn’t worth it now. The price of admission is being a debt slave for 10 years, there are better alternatives out there.

Mike Tisone

did I just hear those analysts on Good Morning Football bragging that the Philadelphia Eagles are gonna beat the DALLAS COWBOYS with practice squad players…..I’m SCARED now!….I’m not watching…

ernesto pena


Silver Ancient

Most happy for Garrett? Smh

Dead Lion

from 15 ft across the room, Shannon is 27. face to face at 2 feet he’s 74.

E2Blu Entertainment

Nate said Skeet…lmao 🤣🤣

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